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What is autumn depression and how to fight against it?

the time of holidays, the sun and the seas, open bathing suits, country trips, green trees opened for night of windows and easy sense of euphoria from understanding that now the most wonderful time called in the summer Ended.

Also there came the fall. With the multi-colored forest landscapes, gray city streets, cold rains and abundance of vitamins B vegetables and fruit. But despite all this abundance for some reason a state such as if again spring avitaminosis with his fatigue and helplessness returned. Also you understand that here it - notorious autumn depression . Most of people with approach of fall feel, to put it mildly, ill at ease. Perhaps, as you are included into their number.

But for some reason all got used to consider that a depression - a disease frivolous, and so - nonsenses. Well, the mood bad, happens. Will pass. Especially scornfully men treat this problem. Though recently at the stronger sex this state is observed in increasing frequency.

But not so everything is simple. Every year about 800 thousand people lose life only because cannot live with this depression. And every year the age of the people subject to depressions becomes less and less. Affect also information surplus in the world sated with news scientifically - technical development, and life in noisy and fast megalopolises, and banal deterioration in ecology which does people more and more susceptible to various diseases.

And if mass autumn depression it is connected with duration of light day, from depressions ordinary nobody is insured and ever. In a poststressful situation someone will just calm down and will forget, and someone will have a release of the substance CRF, and it in turn again will cause education in an organism stress hormones - kortikotropin and cortisol. Here also there comes at the person without the reasons seen on that sensation of fear and constant alarm. And then the despondency and grief comes.

So to do? And how to struggle with this feeling of depression? - do the simplest answer to yourself pleasant. Everything depends on the fact that it is interesting to you. Go to the cinema, theater, on a meeting with friends, behind purchases, play sports, begin studying of Spanish, you descend for the weekend in a campaign to the country Hang up over a table a picture with a beautiful landscape and put in a bathroom a basket with the cockleshells and pebbles brought from the sea. Surround yourself with beautiful and favourite things.

Increase the level of hormone of pleasure of serotonin in the course of eating of dark chocolate and creamy ice cream. Do not torment the organism with diets at all. You will grow thin in May, and now enjoy food. And if very much you are afraid to recover - play sports better. And in general - just do what brings you joy, and everything at you will be good.

The fall is a wonderful time. Walk on park and listen to rustling of leaves under legs. About this time of year so many verses and stories, songs and novels are written Learn to love fall, to see in it beauty and a positive. And then any autumn depression to you it will not be terrible.

Smile more. And the fall will smile to you in reply. And it is possible, it will become your favourite season