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How to hold down a new job?

Came true. In the past there were series of interviews, filling of infinite number of questionnaires, checks of security service, conversation with the psychologist, etc.

chose you from a great number of candidates, and from now on you are a new employee of the successful company.

Still yesterday the job application is written, the employment contract is signed, the service record is issued. It would seem, the most difficult remained behind.

But, alas, ahead you have not less hard time: so-called period of adaptation. Yes, what skilled you would not be - you not to avoid this stage therefore the best option will be to approach it fully equipped. This period on average 2 months therefore in many organizations the trial period lasts as much lasts.

So, there are main general rules of how is correct to endure the adaptation period on a new workplace, successfully here to keep and be prepared for further career development.

1. Behave naturally.

does not need to play a role unapproachable business - the lady or it to themselves the merry fellow if the corresponding lines are not peculiar to you. Be yourself.

2. do not pretend to be know-it-all . As one wise professor liked to repeat

in my student`s years: On 5 one Lord, on " knows; 4 I know, well, and your assessment - 3 and the famous philosopher repeated: I know that I know nothing So we will not overestimate ourselves.

Even if you are a winner of ten competitions and Olympic Games, have a heap of ranks - it is not necessary to show it once again. If you really the expert, do not worry, you will be surely estimated also without excess self-advertisement.

3. Ask and attentively listen to answers.

Be to you 22 or 45 - in this company you the beginner, and with it there`s nothing to be done. It is necessary to study. Do not let matters drift, ask not to make fatal mistakes. Do not hope for the memory: write down better about what you are told.

4. Remain benevolent and polite.

Even if someone in collective is unpleasant to you, do not show it. It is easy to spoil the relations, and here is how to work further - a question.

5. do not argue on trifles! Especially you do not tell to

phrases of type: And at us at last work did so... I precisely know that it will be so better ... You at new work therefore are obliged to submit to the existing rules, but not to give doubtful advice.

6. In conversations with colleagues remember last places of work and the management only good if good there is nothing to tell - keep silent.

Is clear, the temptation is very big to tell new colleagues about the former chief - the tyrant and a greedy glavbukhsha, but do not hurry to do it at least during adaptation. You so far are estimated too. And who knows, whether girlfriends greedy glavbukhsha and your current chief accountant?

7. do not discuss colleagues!

do not gossip and do not support others. I will not comment, in my opinion, and so everything is clear.

8. do not demand first too much.

For example, by all means on a desktop the monitor of Sony firm and a soft leather chair. Prove as the professional, then demand something in exchange.

9. do not complain of large volume of works and a small salary. Remember

, works all the same will not lower and will not add money, and you will earn reputation of the whiner precisely.

10. And, the most important, believe in yourself, all once were beginners, be not upset in vain, and everything at you will turn out!