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Whether non-standard acts are useful?

Eleventh class. Hated medical examination. To the ENT specialist we enter an office together. The young doctor speaks: One let sits down on a sofa and looks Playboy and the second - to me on survey . We left an office in excellent mood, and the doctor (by the way, the excellent expert!) remembered well.

We go with the girlfriend on park. The young man hands to each counter girl a rosette. I do not know whether there was this some task or he just like that wanted, but it is pleasant to receive a flower and a smile.

And, at last, own experience. 2000, training Non-standard acts in Sinton - tourist club Architect . Between counters of the Dnipropetrovsk Central Department Store I stretch out, loudly I sing a couplet and a refrain of a song of Celine Dion My heart will go on I get up, I bow and I leave.

I do not call you for a similar extreme (me the whole team secured on a protection intervention case). And all - to derive pleasure and advantage of acts, uncharacteristic for itself everyone can, even without violations of public tranquility.

What acts can be considered non-standard? My opinion - any if they cardinally differ from your usual views and behavior. For example, you - soul of any company, the typical extrovert. Spend day alone, get acquainted with the inner world, meditate. New emotions and unusual feelings are guaranteed.

Of course, your actions can be surprising of people around. Let it do not frighten you. Approval of society - not always criterion of correctness of your acts. For example, such paradox: it is accepted to smoke at a tram stop, and it is a shame to do exercises. If you all life were buky, and one fine day begin to smile for no apparent reason, it will cause to you special attention too. By the way, - try to pass a good way to begin to live unconventionally all day with a sincere smile upon the face and it is proud of the raised head. It is not so simple, apparently, but it is very useful both for you, and for those who nearby.

The main advantage of non-standard acts is that they allow to experience completeness and brightness of life. In unusual circumstances our ability to perceive information increases in hundreds of times! It is confirmed by Mirzakarim Sanakulovich Norbekov in the book Experience of the fool, or key to enlightenment :

You Get on a bus or any other transport which has automatic doors. Come inside and wait. When they begin to be closed, right there put out the head that jammed your neck. It will be so necessary to pass the whole stop. Question: you will sometime forget this trip? No! Because case extraordinary, outstanding! And their compliments in your address for your nonsense, the smell of the reek of alcohol proceeding from some of them, each car passing by, say, all details of travel you remember everyone who wanted to help you accurately and forever .

the Aggravated perception in unusual situations helps to develop new skills and abilities, to release the hidden reserves of the person. This fact is successfully used by techniques of the accelerated training, various psychological trainings. In new role you know yourself better and can open in yourself new talents!

You feel that life goes on a knurled track, and in it nothing changes? Means, there is an occasion to make a non-standard act. Violently express the feelings if usually you are reserved; go hiking instead of annual rest in boarding house; be engaged in business, new to yourself; take part in the charitable project. And if your act, except thrills, brings somebody benefit, it doubly should be made.

In what cases non-standard acts are harmful? The answer is obvious - if they cause someone damage, strike at someone`s rights or hurt feelings. In aspiration to make something original it is important not to break norms of morals, not to neglect universal values.

Making something unusual, you very accurately realize that the choice how to arrive - only for you. And neither the public opinion, nor circumstances can make it for you. And you automatically accept responsibility for a dullness and routine in your life on yourself. And from here before correction of a situation - no distance!

Lead rich, intelligent life, and be not afraid of non-standard acts!