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Than apples are useful and how to keep them?

Stars and apples are

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V. Kaplan.

This year became rich in a harvest of apples. Also there is a wish to use them with the maximum advantage for an organism. But at first we will understand, than apples are so useful.

Doctors claim that apples are useful to all people - as having good health, and that who has diseases (important only to know how to a lump them is).

So what vitamins and useful substances contain in apples in the greatest numbers:

Vitamin A , in apples it is 50% more, than in oranges.

This vitamin is necessary for a normal metabolism, formation of bones, restoration of epitelialny fabrics, besides, it is powerful antioxidant and means of fight against infections.

Vitamin C , in some grades of apples it is ten times more, than in a citrus. This vitamin participates in synthesis of collagen and pro-collagen, has anti-inflammatory and antiallergic effect, regulates coagulability of blood, normalizes permeability of capillaries, increases resistance to infections.

Vitamins of group B , necessary for an organism for normal functioning of nervous, it is warm - vascular and digestive systems.

Vitamin G , quite rare vitamin which in apples contains more, than in any fruit. It is called still appetite vitamin . It is necessary for normal digestion and growth.

these fruit and with calcium which is necessary for bones, nails participates in processes of excitability of nervous tissue, sokratimost of muscles Are rich. Result of a lack of calcium - growth delay, destruction of teeth, spasms, at elderly people of a bone become so thin that can not maintain body weights.

Pectin , this substance which reduces the level of harmful cholesterol in blood and promotes weight loss.

How to keep apples - such fine and tasty source of vitamins till spring?

fine ways to make it Are.

1. we wrap Each apple in paper, we put in bags and we store so.

2. we Take a rag, we moisten it with glycerin, and each fruit is rubbed off by this rag. Thus, apples will keep not only the freshness, but also juiciness.

3. Apples soaked - in them have more than vitamin C, than in fresh.

Recipe of a mocheniye: we take apples, it is desirable sour grades, we wash out. We cover a ware bottom (a tub, the enameled ware, a glass jar) rye straw or leaves of currant. We put apples branches up and we fill in with a mash: we stir rye flour or 150 g of dry kvass with a small amount of cold boiled water. We bring solution to 2 liters and we allow to be defended, we filter. We add boiled water to 10 liters and on each liter on the 2nd tablespoons of salt and dry mustard. We fill in with solution apples and we put from above a cloth and oppression. The first week it will be necessary to add mashes. The term of preparation of apples - 40 days.

And this recipe of a mask will help face skin to keep freshness and to become impregnated with vitamins.

will be required to us the apple cleared of a peel and grated, one tablespoon of olive oil, sour cream or natural yogurt and the crushed oat flakes. We mix all ingredients and we put on a face for 15 - 20 minutes. If skin fat, then makes sense to add an egg yolk.

And the last if you want to lose excess weight, you spend once a week apple days. During the day it is possible to eat only apples. For this day you will dump at least 0,5 kg.

Good luck are also beautiful!