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How medical abortion becomes?

of Distinctions between the man and the woman are a lot of, and all of them, perhaps, not to list. One of such distinctions is childbirth of the child, or lack of those Questions of regulation of birth rate concerned with

mankind always. Still doctors of the ancient world were engaged in search of methods of contraception and interruption of pregnancy. Throughout all history of mankind abortion is among the oldest problems of medical ethics, philosophy, law and theology. The mention of abortion meets in Ancient China more than 4600 years ago.

Is certificates that ancient residents of Australia broke off a fetal cover to cause an abortion. And women of East Africa caused abortion by means of special wooden sticks. Some doctors of antiquity approached a question deliberately and allowed abortion only when childbirth threatened with danger of mother or to the child. Especially abortions were widespread during the Hellenic era and during the Roman Empire. In those days used ergot preparations which not always caused an abortion for pregnancy interruption, but it is frequent - the expressed side effects.

Deaths at abortions were not a rarity. The relation to abortion always was inconsistent. The woman or the doctor who carried out abortion could be pursued under the law. In 200 AD abortions were punished by exile and a hard labor in mines. At the same time, Platon did not consider abortion as inadmissible means, and Aristotle simply - recommended it for restriction of too big birth rate. The Roman right punished carrying out artificial abortion. But it concerned only spouses. If abortion was done by unmarried women - to it did not pay any attention.

Thus, practice of abortions, and also punishments for them exists from time immemorial. But in each country the law differently regulated this problem. Now abortions are legalized more than in 50 countries of the world, but there are many restrictions for their carrying out, sometimes they are resolved only in exceptional cases.

Russia also went a long way from full prohibition in pre-revolutionary Russia of abortions before their legalization already in Soviet period. In 1920 because the number of illegal abortions accepted the menacing sizes, legal abortions were allowed. But in 1936 abortions in our country were forbidden again, could make them only on medical indications. Definition of pregnancy at early stages was possible and then. Therefore again the number of criminal abortions began to grow. It reached 90% of total number of all abortions.

In 1955 the decree " was adopted; About cancellation of prohibition of abortions who granted to the woman the right most to resolve an issue of a possibility of motherhood and allowed production of legal artificial abortions without medical indications, but only in medical institutions. To such legal abortion pregnancy more than 12 weeks, infectious - inflammatory processes of genitals was considered as contraindications.

Thus, already nearly 50 years of the woman of our country plan birth rate (if did not make it in time) and resolve an issue whether to become mother.

If all of you decided on abortion, then it is initially necessary to learn as much as possible about this procedure.

Abortion becomes only in specialized clinic, after survey of the doctor and carrying out a number of inspections. Under the law each woman can interrupt undesirable pregnancy if term does not exceed 12 weeks and if she has no infectious or sharp diseases. The cost of abortion depends on clinic where you pass inspection, and also from pregnancy interruption terms.

Considering that after this manipulation postoperative complications are possible, the way of interruption of pregnancy is selected individually, considering existence of chronic diseases, the general condition of the woman, pregnancy term.

Till 20 days of a delay it is possible to make pass - abortion - method vacuum - aspirations. It is made in conditions of female consultation under local anesthesia (paratservikalnaya blockade) or under spazmolitikam. The analysis of blood on RW is necessary. Not always passes successfully, sometimes the woman should go for usual abortion after that.

Simple abortion - till 12 weeks of pregnancy. Becomes in conditions of an obstetric hospital, under an anesthesia, or without. On free abortion (this procedure is very painful) the local gynecologist channelizes. Under anesthetic - in paid offices, the direction is not required, necessary analyses will make on the place.

Interruption on medical or social indications - till 20 weeks of pregnancy, y of minors till 28 weeks. Becomes in conditions of an obstetric hospital - artificial childbirth is caused. The direction of the local gynecologist and permission of the special commission on pregnancy interruption is necessary. Process can last days - two and often comes to an end with a scraping, as at simple abortion.

It is better not to lead up, of course, to extremes and competently to apply contraception methods . I wish you to make only the correct decisions always!