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How to cope with toxicosis?

Here also there came long-awaited pregnancy, and maybe it that while you do not know about it yet One of the first signs which will force you to suspect wrong is nausea. At one it appears on early terms (the first trimester), at others - remains up to the last weeks, and at the third can not be shown at all (there are also such lucky women, but, as a rule, there is not a lot of them).

Nausea often happens exactly in the mornings, but not only... Some feel concern in a stomach during the whole day. It is especially heavy when nausea is followed by vomiting, besides it also is dangerous (to the child vitamins, nutrients etc. from - for the fact that the food received by you during food does not manage to be late in an organism can not be enough and leaves back).

According to experts, the different reasons can provoke a similar indisposition. Among them - the level of content of hormones, reaction of the centers of a brain controlling such processes as nausea, and the eternal reason of all illnesses - a stress What would not be these factors, with toxicosis it is necessary and it is possible to fight. Here some from the checked and effective ways:

1. Pick up to yourself toothpaste which does not make sick, you brush teeth or rinse a mouth after each meal.

2. you do not smoke and you do not sit in the smoked room as the tobacco smoke strengthens nausea. Avoid strong perfumery smells.

3. more often be in the fresh air. Try to get enough sleep at night and to have a rest in the afternoon. Exhaustion, both physical, and emotional, aggravates an indisposition.

4. you sit down to a table More often and eat food in the small portions. The low level of sugar in blood caused by long breaks between food can provoke nausea. The stomach should not remain empty!

5. Avoid food with unpleasant smells. It is known that often those from them that it were pleasant to the woman before pregnancy, become intolerable during incubation of the kid. And what did not cause any emotions earlier can very much even attract you now.

6. it is not excluded that the doctor will appoint to you B6 vitamin. To reduce nausea, it is enough to accept 25 mg a day. But do not forget that at first consultation with the doctor but only then - similar actions

7. And the most important and effective council concerning nausea is as follows in the mornings. Remember the childhood. Play simple game. Try to turn for some time into a cunning little squirrel who got used to stock up with food in time. Before going to bed put something edible that you will be able easily to chew near a bed, having woken up in the morning. It can be croutons, cookies, a bagel etc. The main thing - not to get up when in a mouth there was no poppy dewdrop also yet. And when little squirrel has a bite, lay down 5 - 10 minutes in nest thought of something pleasant, for example, as she will tell fairy tales to the cub, then it is already possible and to go to a way on affairs...

And here also the amusing case on this subject was remembered. Once I was in a maternity welfare unit, and one of future mummies came to an appointment. It appears, it, as well as many in situation, terrible toxicosis tormented. She could not cope with it in any way: lost in weight, became thin, turned pale After long conversation in an office beyond a door there was a doctor and with all severity lectured her hubby who pined from expectation in a corridor. On questions: The Doctor, what is with her? Whether it is dangerous to the kid? What to do to us? - she cold looked at the child`s father And in several seconds said: From now on every morning you have to bring a breakfast to the wife in bed. And only then she can go to wash . The husband, appear, agreed to everything, in perplexity nodded, but he probably did not expect such answer in any way Other patients with tummies which sat in turn in a corridor attentively watched the events, and then when suddenly there came the silence , the laughter burst, and the understanding responses followed: Here one more got, it is good if not for all remained months. And mummy was lucky But the breakfast does not need to be made... .

Generally, lovely young women if nausea not too strong, you do not worry especially. But if vomiting overcomes you constantly, then it threatens not only a stress, but also deficiency of nutrients in an organism. In that case, of course, it is necessary to see a doctor who can advise you to go for some time to hospital. There to you will help to cope with this illness and to avoid additional problems.

Happy to you pregnancy, good health and good mood! And still tranquility, optimism and belief in the best! Everything will be good