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How to make beautiful and useful soap with own hands?

Many, probably, saw soap of handwork on sale and noticed in certain cases its quite high price. Such soap happens various forms, flowers and smells. The place not in a bathroom and where - nibud is more visible - that all admired some of these creations.

One enterprises, knowing what attention people, and especially women, give to the appearance, began to let out soap with a srub. Others just diversified aromas of already available range. The most enterprising try to prove that their soap not only is beautiful, but also it is useful. Public soap is made from the cheapest fats and with addition of artificial fragrances and dyes.

But why to take the word when it is possible to make easily this soap in house conditions. To complete Or rather. It is better to take usual children`s soap as a basis - there are no harmful additives. Before starting soap manufacture process, it is possible to walk on the shops trading in soap of manual preparation, to get ideas. It is also possible to involve in this process and children though the help of the adult will be obligatory.

So, it will be necessary for us:

- soap (it is better children`s) firm;

- vegetable oil;

- essential oil (oils);

- glycerin soap (for ornament).

We pass to preparation. We rub soap - a basis on a small grater. The more small, the better - it will quicker be dissolved. We fill in shaving with boiled water (approximately the glass or is piece soaps slightly less) that water covered soap. We put our preparation on a water bath and we wait for full dissolution of soap. And to brighten up expectation, we will pass to decoration of future soap.

Here everything depends on your imagination. For this purpose we cut out various figures, bars, shavings from glycerin soap and we stack them in the prepared forms. The form - the better is more interesting as you understand. Molds will be suitable for pastries or for game in a sandbox. There can be anything, appeared near at hand, the necessary form. Subsequently soap is easily extracted, fats - that is enough.

After soap was dissolved, we add 2 tablespoons of vegetable oil there (olive, sea-buckthorn, usual sunflower or it is even possible pure chocolate - everything depends, besides, on your imagination). Attention: not to confuse to essential oil!

We remove from fire and we add 4 - 5 drops of essential oil. In this case the more the better does not approach therefore is more careful. At this stage soap can be divided into several parts and to add to everyone what we would like: ground coffee, oat flakes, a grated coco - for a srub, cinnamon, dried herbs (a camomile, mint, petals of roses, needles, seaweed, pieces of orange or a lemon which are cut off at the edges).

By the way, after various experiences of addition of dyes it is noticed that soap can accept absolutely other from conceived coloring. We fill in soap in forms, it is possible to alternate various layers. Soap has to stiffen. Who hurries, can put forms in the refrigerator. We take out the stiffened soap from a form and we leave to dry for several days. Dry soap can already use and if the imagination did not bring and the real masterpiece turned out, then it can be presented and as a gift.

Progress to you in mylotvorchestvo !