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How to release brakes and to become real the Internet - the businessman?

Earnings on the Internet interest very many, but only units take practical steps in this direction.

Why most of people brake before start of the project in the Network?

For this purpose there is a variety of reasons:

fear of criticism;

risk to spend for nothing a lot of time and forces;

risk to lose the invested money, etc.

But, in my opinion, the most terrible reason is an uncertainty. It includes all reasons stated above, and also the main - information overload.

People do not like uncertainty therefore they before beginning the online - the project, want to study everything on this subject to understand - whether on forces to them it.

As a result information mental jam does not allow to begin business in practice. There are so much ways, it is so much business strategy. And suddenly I will make the wrong choice of the main idea of the project? Whether I will be able to generate ideas for content? Whether I will be able to create in general this content ? - approximately each beginning Internet - the businessman so thinks.

What to do to me? - you ask.

First of all, define the most important purpose in your business for the next three months. Here example of such purpose: to take 1000 subscribers. Then make the step-by-step plan of your actions for achievement of the chosen purpose. You can make such step-by-step plan, having studied the good guide to business in the Internet.

Now show to reality that you trust it. Relax and just execute 1 - y point of your plan, then following and so on. Study only that information which is necessary for you at this concrete moment for performance of that task which at you costs on 1 - m the place on the importance. You also will not manage to notice as you carry out the business - the purpose.

And now I will make to you three powerful recommendations which really helped me to begin to work:

1. Not to look back and to doubt, it is necessary to burn all the boats. Therefore first of all pay a normal hosting, at least in 3 months.

2. Connect a dedicated line with an unlimited tariff. Now it is already not so expensive. For example, we in Kaliningrad have a tariff plan Vanguard - the house-keeper . You pay 400 rubles a month and you are online though for this money day and night. However, speed low - 4 - 5 kilobyte per second. But for business in the Internet of it it is enough. Take an interest on this subject about your region. If there is no technical capability for a dedicated line, then it is desirable to postpone monthly the sum of 1000 - 1500 rubles for a diol - ap access and to forget about this money. Because thoughts of economy on Internet access will disturb very strongly and can even brake all your business.

3. Study the good training course on business bases on the Internet. I recommend to you to download and master a free course on electronic commerce which author is Anatoly Belousov. With its help you will get all tools necessary for start in online.

The only minus of a course is that Anatoly recommends to all beginners to advance at the same time 10 - 15 partner programs. The matter is that the beginning Internet - the businessman, trying to push to the visitors and subscribers all these partner products, will quickly frighten off from himself all the audience. And further time can be necessary for the beginner to restore the reputation.

I would advise to choose 1 - 3 qualitative partner goods which are close to you on subject and to concentrate all the attention on their advance. The result will be just excellent!

As you noticed, almost all these recommendations are based on serious investments into the business. But investments will also urge on you on action!

I wish you persistence and determination in start of the online project!