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How to read? My strategy of reading. Version 1. 1, in three parts.

*** PART I ***

as an epigraph I want to use Oleg Friedman`s phrase,

said by it in the course of discussion of a draft copy of this material: The Main task of reading is the " transformation; stranger in the . Making an abstract - the first stage of this transformation. Then on complexity goes - commenting. And the highest flight - reflection on the set subject .

the Number of books which want to be read usually exceeds the number of books which to read physically perhaps. Let`s decide on a scope of the below-described approaches at once. This area unambiguously does not enter read only for pleasure. Generally it is news, blogging razmyshlizm and their analogs, fiction, but who knows - can be someone Bradis`s tables or the Criminal Code invigorate and please, so themselves does not need to spoil pleasure.

Effectively to work with the increasing information volumes, a certain system is necessary. I cannot tell that my system of reading was finally registered and functions without failures. But, nevertheless, which - what I will share. Important point: when you act as everything, and result as at all; for extra - results and means corresponding are necessary.

First of all, it was necessary to decide on reading strategy. That is, to answer itself a question, what ratio of tactical and strategic benefits from time spent on reading this or that source. At once became obvious that all sources of information share on three partially blocked of group :

1. What got used to read;

2. What wants to be read;

3. What needs to be read.

From habitual reading - the business press, on the Internet - practically everything was left to news without changes. The main magazines / newspapers are bought and read, the websites are looked through. It is a pity, of course, that from year to year quality of information decreases, but absolutely reasonably useful it was conscious to supply itself with a limited dose of information garbage. However I do not watch news on TV - it will be already search. Habitual reading rather fully provides a set of tactical benefits, such as the general knowledge of a present situation and so on.

What there is a wish to read is already as a hobby. That is, gets to this category both special, and fiction, and journalism. Fortunately for me, the category there is a wish and it is necessary in my case substantially coincide therefore the problem of arrangement of priorities is rather simple. However there is an essential distinction in the created mechanism of reading about which further.

What it is necessary to read - that is here directly - belongs today generally to the sphere of professional interests. But volume of it compulsory readings it is rather small. Decrease in volume itself manages to achieve a question by a task: What from already known can be used for the solution of that problem for the sake of which it is supposed to spend time for reading a new source? . As Vitaly Manukovsky correctly noticed, the next point of view of the next professor will hardly be strategically useful. On the other hand, the knowledge of the few principles compensates ignorance of many facts . That is, small-volume, but high-quality reading is much more productive if to mean personal strategy.

In what volumes to read?

If the source underwent testing for the strategic importance, its volume does not matter. However the situation when it is necessary to read and be filled with the corresponding knowledge is possible without postponing for later. However and in this case the consumption of time can be cut through the rule few principles . If we speak about need of immediate practical application of knowledge, then... let`s ask a parrot. I mean that the chasm of time can be saved if to address the friendly expert and to ask about short consultation on the basic moments. Really, if calls me or any of acquaintances will write and will ask that to esteem on risk management of the project, and the problem such costs, I will refuse half-hour conversation? I do not grudge half an hour and any person at least for the stroking of loved on a hair, will agree to help.

Main is that questioning correlated mythical expenses of false feeling of own importance ( yes I most abruptly that it I will ask ) with absolutely real expenses of precious time of the life. As they say, who asks - looks the fool two minutes. Who does not ask - remains to them all life.

I repeatedly addressed absolutely unfamiliar experts, especially teachers of institutes, with a question of what, for example, books on their subject they consider useful to such - that is more whole and it is that the reader`s level. I assure that when the practician asks such question, becomes a problem not how to obtain information at the expert and how to make it less than for an hour. Dialogue with all that it implies from it begins consequences - in the long term often useful to both parties.

What to read how to look for?

How to look for what to read - this really a question of questions. Actually, and many confirm this point of view, sources come when there is an understanding of the purpose. Book shopping - absolutely remarkable method and to gain an impression about existence of books and to regularly fill up library. The fact that three quarters of books will never be qualitatively read does not matter. Are necessary the book - pinarik which sometimes are just thumbed through and generate new thoughts, the fundamental works serving as reference books on some subject and so on are necessary.

How to read? this

A it is already important. I read strategically significant sources only under the abstract, and two - three in a parallel. It is already part of system which settled in the last year. Just what I call high-quality reading.

About it is in the following part of the publication. In the same place we learn about how literally for one or one and a half hours to develop in ourselves abilities to fast reading and to sharply improve memory on the text.

[Signs: _ 5976 __] *** PART II ***

In the first part we decided by

on the purposes and strategy of reading.

Is what we read for pleasure, and there is what is necessary or there is a wish to make the to bring closer to practical use. If the first is something like a friendly party, then the second - we will allow, a business dinner. The idea is similar, tasks - different. Let`s just speak about a pragmatical component.

Recipe of high-quality reading.


1. Book

2. A notebook with sheets on rings

3. The glued bookmarks (are on sale such - plastic, repeatedly glued and not leaving marks)


5 handle. It is red - Process

we Read a blue pencil (bilateral, it is better - thick) to

the book anywhere and when necessary, however we note the bookmark Reading progress. We summarize the book in the place convenient for this purpose, we note progress the bookmark Abstract . I bring in the abstract:

structure of the book, that is head, headings, subtitles with reference to the page of the original, it is convenient for fast navigation;

the basic principles which are stated;

terms and concepts (are allocated with a red pencil);

quotes which not the principles, but will be interesting to the subsequent reading the abstract; drawing of schemes - is very useful that from what follows that on what depends;

on a single sheet - the arisen ideas;

on a single sheet - questions to the expert, with the indication of number of the page of an abstract / source where there was a question. (If specific people who are supposed to be tormented slightly are known, then I carry questions respectively. To the expert it is necessary to tell about questions especially. In the course of formation of system of reading importance of tracking of completeness of understanding of the text was accurately shown. I want to tell that at high-quality reading in the read text there should not be ambiguities - neither terminological, nor conceptual. Each passed word with not clear sense - the fighter of diversionary group in your back. If it is decided that a certain source is strategically important, and high-quality reading is applied to it - that it has to become qualitatively for all hundred percent.)

All sheets of the abstract are numbered, I personally number only odd, external . Numbering is very convenient for fast search of a context in which there was a question to the expert.

It only looks difficult, actually everything very simply and quickly, and, above all - is saved time. According to such scheme it is very easy to work with several sources at the same time - the abstract stores history of studying of the book, time for immersion in work is equal to time of viewing of the abstract. In the subsequent the abstract becomes fantastic a time - the economizer when it is necessary to refresh any subject in memory.

There can be a question: why abstract paper, but not electronic? In principle, it would be possible to do the abstract from the keyboard, in the beginning I had such attempts. However neither process, nor result were pleasant. As the speed of the press surpasses writing speed by hand, the temptation not of

consciously appears to work with a source, and just to write out interesting places. The second minus consists in complexity of use fast graphics that is instant sketches, binding by semantic tenches of elements of the text. Often studied sources assume need of any calculations, and in the paper abstract they can be done without departing from cash desk . Subsequently they serve excellent anchors recalls.

The mechanism of high-quality reading allows to gain a number of useful side effects. For example, it is absolutely clear that studying - more precisely, understanding - the source does not do without mistakes. That is at all not the fact that the point of view of the author of a source is apprehended adequately. The further we bite into a subject, the more we understand a picture of the world of the author. If your activity is connected not only with extraction, but also with transfer of knowledge, then repeated study of the abstract allows to simulate process of how someone could impart the most effectively gained knowledge to another. If to remember the situation considered above let`s ask a parrot answer to the question To read the island.? will consist of two parts: Esteem such - that a thing, but keep in mind that, in my opinion, when the author speaks about that is - means - I did not understand at once, but later understood .

Recipe of fast thematic reading. I Apply

when it is necessary to read, for example, a selection of articles for the solution of a certain problem. It is very important that the purpose of this reading was clear.


0. Purpose

1. Source

2. Sheets of paper of A4 of


4 handle. It is red - a blue pencil


1. To write down a problem which is solved by means of reading this source.

2. To read, writing out those moments which are related to a task, and also the arising thoughts and questions.

3. Thoughts are noted on fields by the sign !=> questions - the sign ?=> .

4. Key thoughts are allocated with a red pencil, deserving attention - blue.

At me is result of such process fast entrance to the subject a set of the questions concerning only a solvable task and a set of ideas. On the finish - leaflets under the stapler, and then in the daddy It is read . An important point is conscious refusal of a tseplyaniye for the accompanying, but not having relations to a problem of an interesnost. That is, the text is sifted through the small accurately calibrated objective sieve.

Equipment of a bloknotirovaniye by

It is used for fast studying of any subject on tops and also instant podgruzk this field of knowledge in random access memory at any time further.

Reading the book we hold near at hand a notebook on a spring in which we bring ideas, thoughts, definitions, but with one nuance. We do it in the " format; question-answer that is on one party of a leaflet of a notebook, having read any idea - thought - definition, we write to it a question. On the back - we formulate the answer. Well, for example, reading... that here at me today in a portfolio... To Communicate with the child - as? I read mind: It is possible to condemn actions of the child, but not his feeling with what undesirable and inadmissible they were not. Time they at it arose - on that is the reasons . Idea, worthy to be hammered into the head. Therefore we write a question - What it is important to remember at condemnation of actions of the child or is shorter, and on the back of a leaf - the answer. And so on.

As a result receives the abstract - a teaching tool which we thumb through in any order at any time anywhere. Information keeps within very quickly and compactly. For especially difficult subjects used a dictophone - with record of questions-answers. Now in any player built-in is. One question-answer - one track. We write down, we include the mode of the casual choice - and forward :)

as a result, having a collection of notebooks and tracks, it is possible to realize the dreamboat shown in the first To the Matrix .

- Triniti, you are able to steer helicopter?... there is no

- Yet... Hallo, Central!

And Central will load though world economy though a teorver though applied pedagogics though Kama - to a sutr though Sales on the SPIN " system; and anything. And what prize on time. Once spent - all life can use. And not only you, by the way.


Process of reading has to be conscious, effective, creating objectively useful product including for a reuse at the exit. If on high-quality reading is not present

of time - means, it is necessary to change something in the life. But here

is important not to be overzealous. How to estimate the strategic

importance of a reading over for the eighth time Eugene Onegin ? Too

of expense of time, and considerable... Here, probably, everyone solves for himself. But if suddenly at some moment you feel that there is a choice between scrolling of a small volume of Pushkin and immersion in high-quality reading next, well very strategically significant volume, then choose Pushkin. Believe, you will not regret neither on the same day, nor years later.

[Signs _7800 ___] *** Part III *** two previous (first and second) parts we told


B about technicians of effective reading. However it is difficult to bypass such subject as fast reading. The simple equipment allowing to lift not so much the rated speed of reading how many to receive skill (skill is offered to attention of readers!) fast reading and fast reliable storing.

In the first part I not incidentally let fall the phrase When you act as everything, and result as at all; for extra - results and means are necessary corresponding . I will also tell about one of such means. As it looks... And it looks so.

We need material for reading, to kNformat yoke approximately A6 on a thin newsprint. Big it is not necessary. Tolstaya too, there will be enough pages 150 - 200 for eyes. To the choice of the book I would advise to approach attentively because this thing will quite strong sit down at you at the head. It is necessary to seize the moment. It is possible to offer Robin Sharma`s book Who will begin to cry when you die :

The reference + the Picture the Pocket format, a soft cover, thin paper, two hundred pages, the excellent contents - better it is also not necessary to

. Yes, nearly forgot - such books it is required two. We take books and a stationery knife accurately we cut off a back that we had not fastened pages. Two piles.

Then it is necessary to appear in the lonely place in the open air, we will allow in park. It is ideal to have available a shop and a table. Having sat down on a shop, we put on a table two piles of leaflets, one near another. Introduction pages can be removed, we need only substantial. We do not strain. We are not nervous, we breathe quietly, we feel indifferently - with concentration. We take the first page, and so far it burns, quietly we read it. Ah, why it burns? Well sorry, forgot to tell. We need 3 - 4 candles in patronchik to which we set fire at the same time and we put before ourselves. Having taken the page, we bring its upper edge to a strip of a flame and... Yes, we set fire.

Let`s omit discussion of whether it is possible to address so with books. And with newspapers it is possible? Oh, of course yes. And in what a difference? Certainly, Sharma it is possible and to unpack on a priter. But office paper burns so badly that is not suitable for our purposes. So if you want to load into memory the latest issue From hand to hand - not a question. Let`s return to training.

You hold a leaf from two parties, and move it fingers from top to down. You see it the sheet first and the last time. Just feel this state. Until it burns, you can read it. When it burns down, you will take its copy from the second shot glass and, between fire uvulas, will read that on a reverse side. That`s all.

Two hundred pages. Two hundred cycles of immersion in the quiet concentrated reading. Every time you hold a leaf equally, the anchor on " will be so established; condition of the " scanner;. One leaf - 6 - 8 seconds. Half an hour on all 200. Taking into account short rest each 15 - 20 pages - just hour also leaves.

After that it is enough to take any book thereby in the way to enter a resource state. Yes, for pleasure is not suitable for reading. But unless there are not enough situations when really it would be desirable to become the scanner, not to build mental idiomatic chains, not to draw memory cards, and just to take, and eyes to soskanirovat the text. So in what business. It is possible just to take and soskanirovat.

Robin Sharma, I think, will not take offense at all.

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