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What is cryonics? Immortality - the myth or reality?

the Prologue

our heart knock throughout all life. Measured tuk … tuk does not abandon us for a minute, accompanying everywhere and everywhere. But once, it fades, and together with it and all human body. There occurs the death. And then, later indefinite time (approximately in about 50 years), heart of this person knocks again, pumps over the blood enriched with oxygen which sates cells of a brain. Eyes are seen again, air comes to lungs again, and the person is living again! Whether such revival is possible, - life many years later after death?

It is impossible! But only so far. Whether we will be capable to recover in the future the dead? Can be. At the moment the mankind learned to keep a dead body, but not to recover it.

Magic revival of to of be of continued

of Cryonics is a practice of a freezing of the patients doomed to death up to the ultralow (cryogenic) temperatures and their further preservation in liquid nitrogen. Supporters of cryonics believe that it is so possible to keep patients till that time in the future when the reparation of cages, regeneration of fabrics and restoration of all functions of an organism and health in general becomes possible. At first sight, before cryonics enormous prospects really open. It is necessary just to wait for evolution of medicine and again to return to life. Only there is one but …

For a start it is necessary to die

of the Frost of a body of the person is called kriostaz - it fixing of structure of fabrics of a human body by freezing up to the cryogenic (ultralow) temperatures .

But before coming directly to a kriostaz, let`s understand that it death ?

Biological death - complete cessation of all exchange processes in an organism, irreversible change of fabrics and bodies.

Biological death - the phenomenon irreversible. And how about the personality? Whether preservation own « is possible; I and memories of the last ambassador of death? The identity of the person is, first of all, his long-term memory because in it processes of training, development of the person, his change as persons are fixed. To keep the person as the personality, perhaps, will only be to save information on spatial distribution of communications between neurons in a brain enough.

After the termination of functioning of a brain many cages its some time continue to remain live. After death of a nervous cage its structure, and also many molecules and organellas (intracellular elements) remain still a long time (to several tens hours). As also the structure of communications between cages remains.

Thus, it is possible to assume that information describing the person as the personality remains rather long time (at least, several hours) after his biological death.

So, suppose, the personality remains still some time, but how to be with other organism whose destructions are fatal? Or not? Death, in opinion supporters of cryonics, - the process consisting of the following stages:

1. The Termination of functioning of an organism as whole (that usually is understood as the term dead - such understanding remained to us in nasledstvoot medicine and practical experience of people of the past), at the same time many bodies and cages continue to work, and destruction of their structures did not begin yet.

2. Partial destruction of structure of an organism;

3. Full, irreversible, disintegration of structure of an organism (so term dead it will be understood by future medicine, so it is understood already now by supporters of cryonics).

In the presence of perfect technology of the reanimation (which is not existing now, but quite possible in the future), providing capital repairs an organism, perhaps complete recovery of functions of an organism, being at the second stage, and its return to life, i.e. revival .

Now we will return to process of a kriostaz (freezing):

1) Chemicals (cryoprotectors) reducing damages of fabrics from freezing are entered Into a body through blood system.

2) Then the body is gradually cooled up to the temperature of liquid nitrogen (-the 196th hail.) .

3) And then place in the cryostat (a vessel of the Dewar or a big thermos) with liquid nitrogen. At such temperature it can be stored practically without changes during hundreds of years.

In such condition of people will also wait for the future.

by Jump in the future

A now, let`s be had to the future and we will try to present in what way the medicine of the future will revive the frozen people. The following scenario of revival is considered the most perspective:

1. The huge number (millions of billions) of molecular robots takes root into the frozen body (their cumulative weight will make about 0,5 kg).

2. They analyze the damages which arose in organism cages at his death, embalming and storage. If necessary they communicate among themselves, and also with the supercomputer controlling their activity located out of a body.

3. On the basis of this analysis molecular robots make correction of all these damages (sort stitchings inside and between molecules, restore cellular membranes and organellas etc.) . Besides, they make rejuvenescence and treatment of a cage (so and all organism) - i.e. not the old and sick organism, but healthy and rejuvenated will be brisk. Also by means of similar technologies it will be possible to rejuvenate periodically (or it is even constant) an organism and during his life that actually means achievement of eternal youth.

4. Upon termination of work molecular robots leave a brisk body (for example, the same as it is done by viruses of flu and some other viruses - through blood system and airways).

By modern estimates similar procedure can take several months. Allegedly, the technology for its realization will be ready in 50 years. I.e. the embalmed body has to remain during this period.

At the above succession of events Immortality it seems a real thing. But not solved there are some questions and, alas, not scientific character.

the Spoon of tar or the believing scepticism

All theoretical part of cryonics is based on thought that the person - a being especially biological, not having any other projections.

But we will address belief. In any religion it is indisputable there is a fact of existence of Soul. So, suppose, that the Soul exists, and at the moment of death leaves our body. Whereas it is possible to recover the person, without having inhaled in him life, that is essence of this person?

If to follow science and to adhere to religious canons, then the kept personality and only will go to the future in the frozen body. Number of information, memory, experience and development, but not supported with soul - essence of the person. Whether there will be such person full? No. It will be a being without soul, therefore - living dead person! Yes, it will be: to remember, think, speak, develop; but not to be someone it is more. In it there will be no most important small screw which does us by people.

for the Epilogue

Well, to us, believers, the non-believer and those who is in the middle it is necessary only to wait when great and awful progress will begin to recover our dead persons. Perhaps, with the first revived person we will find God above, or we will understand that we are lonely, and there is no Divine Providence in our existence.

On this gloomy note I finish the crusade in Immortality . Also I wish you to listen always to the soul and to keep the personality.

To a meeting.