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Dombai - the winter or summer resort?

Dombai - the most picturesque corner of our country in the North Caucasus. There is it in a river basin of Kuban in Karachaevo - Circassia, at the height of 1600 meters above sea level. In the winter this resort attracts mountain skiers and snowboarders with the snow slopes. But what it is possible to do there in the summer? Until recently I also did not suspect how much.

Friends were surprised why we were going in the summer to mountains. And some even asked what is Dombai and where it is, they heard only about Dubai. Strange we are people: we know foreign resorts, and we do not notice the native. And such beauty nearby! I found it absolutely incidentally: looked for among foreign rounds (I repent, it is guilty), than to surprise itself with it, and came across photos of summer Dombai. Took the breath away at once.

For some reason Dombai among tourists unfairly is considered the winter resort. To summer of the price of hotels significantly fall, vacationers become much less. And in the winter except snow mountains you will see nothing: to ride and to ride once again, for the rest there will just not be enough forces and time. And quite another matter - summer. It is possible to enjoy a fantastic panorama of Greater Caucasus Range if to rise on elevators by the mountain Moussa - Achitara. These are 3000 meters above sea level. You represent, clouds float under you, and the hotel complex somewhere is below hardly distinguishable. On slopes the most beautiful flowers are pleasing to the eye, streamlets murmur, grasshoppers chirr. Heart fades with height, unique idyll and harmony with the nature.

Many pedestrian routes, various on complexity begin with the Dombai glade. Everyone will find what suits it. There are routes at several o`clock, the whole day and even with spending the night. It is necessary only to choose that you want to see. And to look here is on what. First of all it is, of course, mountains. Tops of some of them are covered with glaciers. One of the most available - Alibeksky. He only goes down absolutely low, to a forest zone. Its surface is covered with cracks. If there is a desire to feel the climber, it is possible to carry out descent in one of them, naturally, not without the aid of the professional.

Whatever route you went, everywhere will meet mountain small rivers and streamlets therefore it is not necessary to think of drinking stocks - at any time can enjoy the purest water. By the way, when the river originates from a glacier at once, it is a few mutnovata, and here if at first was defended in the lake, then its water is crystal transparent. Though it is possible to drink both that, and another.

Local lakes are extraordinary on the beauty. Those from them that lie not really highly, warm sunny days get warm to 18 - 20 degrees, it is a pleasure to bathe in them. And here mountain very cold. For example, Turye the lake to the middle of summer is covered with ice. But, when thaws, gets a surprising shade!

One more miracle of Dombai - falls. They bewitch and do not release, at the same time are not similar at each other at all. If you visit at Sofrudzhinsky falls, you will see that the first of them playfully runs from mountain top. It is pleasant to be refreshed in its streams in the hot summer afternoon, observing as near you, being poured on the sun, splashes turn into a rainbow. The second - cold and unapproachable. A powerful stream it breaks from the rock, and then, raging and foaming, the small river is noisy runs away on stones.

If beyond your powers daily clambers to mountains, it is possible to arrange autoexcursions on local sights. Visit Sentinsky and Shoaninsky temples. These are ancient constructions of the IX-X centuries. From mountains on which they are built the tremendous look opens. Both temples Christian, small by the sizes, one of the most ancient in Russia. Were constructed when in Alania the Christianity actively extended. In the Sentinsky temple traces of frescos remained. According to scientists, they are unique since they actually are the only monument to painting of Alania of the domongolsky period. In the same place it was found and deciphered construction inscription that in general quite unusual occurrence.

Make a trip to the estate of the Teberdinsky reserve. In its territory there is a museum of the nature where bisons, chamoises, deer, rounds and other animals under natural conditions contain. If you love horse walks, it is possible to examine vicinities astride. Yes a lot of things still it is possible! The main thing - where you went, bright impressions are guaranteed to you.

And in conclusion it is just impossible to tell anything about locals, so they strike with the hospitality and responsiveness. Where still how not in the Caucasus, you will meet the seller ready to leave shop and to show sight unnoticed by you even if you about it did not ask it? Where still the passerby will not pass by if you broke the car? And remarkable custom - to welcome each other in mountains? And it is unimportant, you are familiar or not. At us and at work - that not everyone will wish you kind morning or day. And neighbors in the house or at least to an entrance? Unless we greet all? Though it already another story altogether

Coming back to a question in the title, there is a wish to assure: when you arrived to Dombai, it will not leave you indifferent, will load with positive energy, and you will surely want to return. Travel and open for yourself new heavenly spots!