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In what sacrality... towels?

9.... and having risen from vespers, took off clothes, and having taken a towel, it prepoyasatsya; then poured in waters in an umyvalnitsa and began to wash legs to pupils and to wipe a towel which was prepoyasan.

12. When washed them legs and put on the clothes, vozlegsh again, told them: whether you know what I made to you? present to

I: before a thunder-storm stuffy in Jerusalem. The road to Golgotha is narrow. Lyud restricts, and the cross is heavy, already excessive. Sweat fills in eyes, a terniya stuck into whisky hollow. Who you are, kind Veronika that was not frightened of guards, the Plath wiped my person as I wiped legs to the pupils. Your image with me will remain on your favor. And a payment I leave yours the image... (Whether not from there?) By a cloth plashchany it is wrapped my body in a coffin and I will dump it from myself, having revived to life eternal odesny my Father... (Whether not from there?)

The log hut not corners, but pies is red. No, and corners the Russian log hut is red. And in a place of honor an icon. And over an icon a bench hammer the molal, nominal, with a prayer red silk on white embroidered. And as to christen the baby - to embroider a baptismal towel. And as pies - bread from the furnace to drag, on a towel karavayny to put. And as bread - I will merge young people to call - on abusive to bring that, with poppies across the field. On arrangement of young people - rukobitny. (Hands - that not for nothing beat on the word firm.) And to young people in church on a wedding towel knees to rise. That crosses and pigeons was sewed. And to friends of a towel on a breast to tie, and arches in a wedding team, and vozhzhevy, and cheprachny that to horses on shabracks to lay... eh, have fun, a wedding!

And as the Orthodox Christian - towels only napasay died, give to obmyvalshchik, give to obvyvalshchitsa, give to diggers, and to hang out a towel for a window, and to veil a mirror... And on towels my domovina to the earth will be lowered, the cross sepulchral a towel will be tied. Lie now, do not grieve, novoprestavlenny! Everything on a rank is celebrated, complied. And that as.

Towels were honored in Russia, from grandfathers to grandsons transferred, from the fires of a taskivala, an icon obgornuv. Happened, for years embroidered bench hammers. More than 200 lower case seams of the woman knew. That this is faster to a holiday, so unilateral, and the maid to a wedding though hurries, but bilateral will embroider - to husband`s relatives hastily embroidered is more useless. And a small knot - that is bad, to quarrels. The maid on Thursday sits down to embroider early in the morning, with a prayer and a post, holy water having washed a face and hands. Important and big issue makes. From a cloth pipe bleached 4 meters a strip pulled down men (from there and a bench hammer the towel is called that pulled down the whole pipe, it seems to the woman break off a trubishcha).

To each bench hammer - the pattern, to each pattern - the value. Rushnik in the house is the tsar. Not that an utiralnik that on knees to eaters on benches was spread - one on all. Or rukoterka, utirka from shabby utiralnik nadranny, fie, are small as rags, not for nothing spoke - to be wiped by one rukoter - to be torn apart in the next world. Though utirka are small, and any rag will not be gone in economy. Flax - that in boots goes! And to weave to women at a splinter? Not overindulgence, but work heavy, not imperial. Though heard also to our bike:

If I am the queen

That on all world one

Natkala of a cloth...

Just imagine! To tsars - that gold and pearls bench hammers sewed. The church new in the village will be put to build, all women sit down to sew rural bench hammers - to a new thing with new things to stand! Both the gold thread, and silk does not grudge, and pearls from a fair that brought a tyatk, for God`s business for the sake of. The Lord from himself did not regret a towel to pupils of a leg to wipe. Spoke: If I am a Lord and the Teacher, washed legs to you, then and you have to wash legs each other . Commanded Lyubov. Lyubov. Lyubov Gospodnya, love maternal about which it is sung: washing

Ridna with MATI, ti did not sleep nights,

of Ti drove to exchange at the field the village edge,

I to the road to a dalek ti to exchange on zori a provodzhala,

I a bench hammer of vishivaniye on shchastya, on a share gave...

A to all who me about towels listened, council yes to love! And from the first towel to the last - for many years.