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Than to help the child with knowledge of the world?

In the previous article we talked about how the type of perception influences process of knowledge by the child of world around. But how to consider specific features to provide to the kid comfortable and effective knowledge?

Psychologists are uniform in recommendations. It is necessary to use that " as much as possible; well works . In other words, having decided on the main channel of perception, it is necessary to load as much as possible it, to allow the kid to be engaged in what is pleasant to it. And slowly to tighten other two to the high level of the basic. Some will be useful for this purpose small cunnings .

For example, in talk with the visual learner , as often as possible use the words describing a form, color, structure and location of objects. That is what the child can see and connect with told. At an explanation visual aids, slides, schemes which can be drawn directly in the course of an explanation are effective. Encourage underlining and allocation with a marker in books of important places. During the work on homework or on control the draft copy on which it is possible to draw, draw and write down is necessary for the visual learner.

The child - the visual learner is, as a rule, laconic. Therefore development of the speech needs to pay special attention as well as skills to communicate. If the kid plays pranks, the most effective remark - gesture, for example, to threaten with a finger or to shake reproachfully the head.

Audial is seldom attracted by toys . But if daily around group of peers who constantly potter with them it can interest also the little listener. The same can be told about outdoor games, a ball, the bicycle. The collective will help to get a habit to physical activity which usually quiet child avoids.

It is only important not to deprive it a freedom of expression, not to forbid to talk much and loudly. In conversations with audialy it is necessary to use voice accents - pauses, change of intonation and loudness of the speech. At an explanation something audiomaterials will help. The rascal will be stopped by words.

Kinestetik is the child - the practician. Theoretical calculations are given him difficult. Therefore explanations have to be simple and slow. Very much gestures and touches will help. An immovability for the figure - serious test. It is not necessary to force it to sit long over performance of homework or at a lesson, give to the child the chance to be interrupted, resemble, move. If necessary it is possible to calm the child, having put a hand on a shoulder.

Unfortunately, the teaching technique at schools is not calculated on features of a kinestetik and is based generally on visual and sound perception. The motive device of little figures is not demanded. They spin, receive remarks and, as a result, over time lose any interest in occupations.

Not each teacher is ready to spend time and forces for work with the vigorous figure. It is necessary to think out schemes of training and submission of information about which it is not told in textbooks and methodical grants.

It is possible to load the motive channel out-of-school occupations in sports section, a dancing or theatrical circle. The earlier to give the child there, the more effectively he will study at school, slowly tightening visual and acoustical perception.

Any child is a personality in whom the set of talents is hidden. And if they are not visible yet, then only because badly looked for. Help to reveal to the little genius.