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Of what prince the girl dreams?

Search of an ideal was, is and will be. And all the same, knowing that ideal people are not, each girl dreams to meet the prince and in mind draws lines of his appearance and character.

Having collected all best qualities of desired men at the girlfriends and passersby, girls of different age and professions, I decided to create the general image of PRINZE whom she wants to meet.

Externally it has to be better... Is not present

, not monkeys, and it is just best of all. All girls noted that the main thing in an external image of the man is a pure footwear (read - an accurate look) and a pleasant smell.

With badly the smelling men many ladies will not even begin to communicate. And here on a smell of the girl run as some representatives of fauna on cheese ( Behind it would go to the world`s end! - Oksana, the sales manager told, and called the favourite smell: Dark blue from Hugo Boss ).

Among delights of a male body were called: strong and hairy hands; cubes on a stomach; beautiful and sincere smile. Completeness of the guy for girls does not play any role, the main thing - not lazy in sex and not grown fat.

The advantage sizes also do not play for many any role. Lack of complexes, a variety in a bed (only not on a ceiling!) and tenderness - is better after that, than a plus-minus in centimeters

I told, to sit!.

is not recommended to Shout and use foul language to guys, but to be resolute in actions and to be responsible for the words and acts - please. And if still you in addition renounce some principle for the sake of the girl, by way of exception, - the limit of pleasure and delight at her will not be the end. Same you made only for the sake of it...

It has to be attentive (to ask about its affairs at work, at home, about health), to pay compliments (only correctly), to love her family, children (if is) and pets (at least, not to call them a nursery of fleas), and even to share political views (!).

Custom is second nature

From habits the most harmful is called: smoking, alcoholism every day, buzeniye ; scattering of socks on the house, a constant opazdyvaniye on appointment (work etc.) absent-mindedness.

Among desirable habits appeared: accuracy; not garrulity and decency; washing of hands after a toilet; a hand giving at an exit from transport; admiration of beauty only, and also a habit to give flowers and to do ma - alenky surprises.

Many women are able to listen to the interlocutor, but very much miss if conversation is covered computer, bank, automobile and other, not clear to the girl, with terms. They have to understand what there is a speech about, and only then on man`s 40 - a minute monologue you will wait for a razumnogoa of the distinct answer.

Generally, it is possible not to be ideal, but to try - surely!

Anna Paradise shared the modest supervision and reasons.