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Whether cunning business to establish a family?

Marriage, the husband and the wife, children all this it is possible to characterize as a family. To create its business not cunning. A stamp in the passport in fact minute business, children to bring too. The main problem begins later. How to save a family from disorder it is written many treatises, the truth the majority ignores too obvious things. Let`s try to understand what.

1. Before lawfully making out the relations, it is necessary to understand whether cohabitation is possible. As a rule, couple lives separately, everyone at the parents, and only after stamp - together. This approach wrong as on trifles most often there are scandals. He likes to dry socks on a chandelier, and it to wash the floors every day. It seems it is insignificant trifles, but they - that also irritate very strongly. It is desirable to live together, separately from parents, one or two years. If during this time there was no split, then it is possible to think also of children / stamp . And this term in itself quite big to understand the feelings and desire to live with this person.

2. Parents on both sides can put strong pressure, especially in case of disapproval of a wedding. To minimize or in general to clean any pressure, it is necessary to have financial independence of them. But also it sometimes happens insufficiently. It is ideally better that the age of the groom and bride was far from 20. Thus it is possible to place emphasis on maturity and to ask not to interfere with private life. In 20 years to make it it is problematic at least because money for a wedding is given by parents.

3. Cutlets separately, flies separately . It means that the family should not live ideally together with parents. Everyone can already have orders and troubles, and scandals from - for the fact that the husband / wife have views of housekeeping, other than parents. With each other everything suits them, and here intervention someone from the outside brings dissonance in the relations. For this reason are so important item 1 and item 2.

4. Children. It is not necessary to conceive the child of special mind, and here it is already necessary to bring up - the Child is already following step of development of a family. For this reason it has to be desired, but not unplanned. In the presence of the child already on the abroad especially you will not do a bit of traveling and the budget of a family begins to go to pieces. The child growing in the atmosphere of uselessness and avarice - extremely unfortunate creation. There is nothing better than the loving parents and the happy childhood, life is farther than

Unfortunately, the majority of families is established without these simple and extremely obvious things. And for this reason the percent of stains is so big.

Anticipating questions concerning item 3 I will tell: if there is no opportunity to move down on the certain apartment, then it means that there is no financial independence of parents and if there is no money, then and the child can grow up in envy to peers to whom buy ice cream, and to it is not present as there is no money. And if it is impossible to give to the child the happy childhood, then and to establish a family there is no sense.

And finally: life is not game, and mistakes she practically does not forgive. Therefore it is better to think, plan many times before getting married, and especially to get child. The institute of a civil marriage also exists in order that everything properly to weigh and understand.