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Why we get fat? Present

, in one fine August day you were lucky to take suddenly vacant place in the bus, you, without trusting the good luck, you sit down, you develop the newspaper and you go deep into fascinating reading matter, nothing portends trouble. But at one of stops transport noticeably tilts, and after a while near you someone sits down on so suddenly vacant place, the vital space around you is narrowed, becomes sharply close. Radiating with indignation, you come off the newspaper and dart a glance at an aggressor: on the neighboring place there is a good-natured fat man, with the dimensions commanding respect. I hope, none of you, having appeared in such situation, did not test any rage to sitting nearby. Really, excessive weight, most often, not wine of people. Then whose? Article will also be devoted to it.

If you with pride approach every morning a mirror, you have an excellent figure, and you do not make special efforts for it, it does not mean yet that you are insured from obesity and to a grave awake perfectly to look. There is an easy way to define the predisposition to this disease: for this purpose in the center of a breast grope a dimple, deeply inhale that edges became visible, and now from this dimple carry out tangents to two lower edges if the turned-out corner less than 90 ° be quiet - obesity does not threaten you if the corner is more, be on the alert - you have a tendency to fat adjournment. If you, despite all efforts could not find in yourself edges, so obesity at you already happened:-)

Many have so-called food neurosis, that is people before any stressful or depressive situation begin randomly and involuntarily is. All is exposed to eating and in any time. At it culinary marathon in a brain the amount of hormone of serotonin increases that leads to improvement of mood and removal of a depression, however chaotic meal is fraught with weight in a stomach and indigestion. Besides, quickly eaten food does not manage to be digested and therefore leads to fat adjournment, and eaten for the night or at night sandwich next morning will turn into a fatty fold or into the chin following on the account.

The parasites living in our organism are very common cause of obesity. Dumb animals in the course of the activity allocate various to slime and enzymes which considerably increase appetite and can lead not only to obesity, but also to an ulcer and even cancer. Hardly it will be possible to get rid of parasites by means of a dichlorvos or dust, it is senseless to starve them too: hunger strikes and diets will only provoke appetite, and you very quickly again will gain the weight. But it is extremely necessary to struggle with parasites therefore if you are constantly hungry, you have bags under eyes, puffiness of the person and a night gnashing of teeth, immediately see a doctor, without it any Kremlin diets will bring you unless under the Kremlin wall.

Accumulation of excess fat is promoted to a great extent by a sluggish condition of muscles. It is no secret that in muscle fibers fat is oxidized, and the speed of this process directly depends on physical activity therefore it is vital to give on physical exercises at least for 15 - 20 minutes a day, at the same time it is better to place emphasis not on loading of occupations, and on their duration. As physical exercises it is not necessary to consider visits of shops, house cleaning, a phone conversation etc. of

There now, perhaps, and all with the most common causes of obesity. Also you remember if to you it is comfortable in your weight, you should not think of weight loss. The good person has to be much!

Take care.