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How to work at refusal of brakes, or Something horses got to me choosy

to Each motorist sooner or later (is never better, but...) it is necessary to face such automobile misfortunes as refusal of brakes, jamming of the accelerator pedal and other, we so would tell, nervotrepatelny misunderstanding in mechanics of our cars. And therefore we will stop and we will turn the inquisitive view of a way of fight against these misfortunes.

We will begin with the most unpleasant - refusal of brakes. In general, watching other Hollywood filmstars who faced a similar problem always you experience some bewilderment. Because to stop the car which lost brakes - a task, actually, quite feasible for which solution is not obligatory to rush with crazy eyes through all city at all, forcing down on the run innocent trays with tangerines. Actually, in any car there is a mass of all ruchechek, buttons and rogulechek by means of which the car can be slowed down.

In - the first, sometimes it is enough to press a brake pedal that it returned to normal several times vigorously. If it did not help, that is with the car such piece as a transmission (many drivers saw it), switching which on descending, you just force the car to reduce speed.

Further - the lever nearby called " emergency brake; is called so with an ulterior motive too. Only it is necessary to hold it in unstable situation, and to apply brakes partially easy raisings to have an opportunity to release in case of drift.

As extreme means when it is not about safety of the car, and about safety of life, it is possible to try to slow down the car elementary friction about everything that at the left or on the right, for example about borders, walls, etc. of

Well and the last, resolute resort to which it is necessary to resort if nothing else helped: switch off ignition just so that not to block a wheel, and include the first transfer. Remember! This cunning will damage a transmission, but your trade dress, as well as the trade dress of your passengers, most likely, will keep.