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How to become unfortunate? 13 ways to spoil life to itself and people around.

Lovely ladies! 13 not indisputable, but effective ways to become unfortunate bring to your attention. Complex application of about what the speech will go below, gives the absolute, almost instantly received resistant result. But even the isolated realization of any of the offered methods will allow to gain the same guaranteed effect. Unless only time will leave slightly more. So.

1. Never change the point of view. If in the world also opinions, other than yours, then only wrong, foolish and insignificant exist. Remember it forever and never try to doubt own correctness.

2. Idealize the past. Only grieving on the past, it is fully possible to feel how you are unfortunate now.

3. Look for the reason of present misfortune in the past which cannot be changed in any way. Find the fact (the husband`s act, the wrong decision which convinced or forced you to accept, insufficient attention of parents ) which became the prime cause of today`s troubles. It is even more convenient to accuse of failures hormones, genes, a family, school, time, an era. The main thing today to change the chosen reason was not any opportunity.

4. Solve any problem always in the same way. For example, the two in the diary of the child have to cause always from your party severity, coercion and punishment. Never try to get to the bottom of the true reasons.

5. Whenever possible do not solve any problems at all. the Best way - to avoid a problem. The saved-up unresolved problems will press down as a tombstone what here happiness!

6. Notice only bad. the resistant belief will come Sooner or later that against you the whole world, not only actual, but also otherworldly forces rallied. At sufficient training the technique works in any circumstances.

7. Compare the life to life of others. do not take in head to apply the weighed approach. Pay attention to what neighbors have more or that at them it is better: money, living space, car, health.

8. Dream. Brightly ornament possible situations, unpleasant for you, in imagination. The husband was late - means only with other woman. The two at school - it is necessary to work for the son to him all life as the loader. Assume what the husband will forget about a wedding anniversary and discuss it with yourself: I to it everything, and it absolutely do not appreciate me . It is more than dark paints.

9. Demand demonstration of love from neighbors. do not forget to remind what is criterion of love. It is not enough oral assurances. For example: If you loved me, then would not go every Friday with friends to soccer . And it is useful sometimes requirements to change if suddenly to someone takes in head to execute them.

10. Demand clarity. If the husband has a bad mood, surely start conversation about it, take an interest why. Having heard that everything is all right, do not forget to reproach: You and cannot be asked about anything! .

11. Give impracticable tasks. Undertake at least once an initiative . Or: If you such clever, be in charge of housekeeping itself . Do not allow accurate differentiation of household chores, otherwise it is possible to lose many occasions.

12. Demand that your tasks were performed with a smile. be not content with the fact that everything left your way. Achieve recognition that you, as always were right. In any attempt to please you - remind: I should not do favors .

13. Create choice illusion. Ask the husband what skirt he recommends to put on. Having heard the answer, reproach that he badly thought, or tell that to it in general to spit on you, time recommends such bad taste.

You should not perceive the given ways as the guide to action. Despite everything, life is fine. You remember it, be not discouraged and always try to see something good in the events. Be happy.