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What has to be food of the feeding women?

Feeding of the child a breast, as we know, well influence health, a physical and emotional condition of the baby. In what the breastfeeding value, the speech already went in one of my articles. Further there is a natural question: if maternal milk is ideal food for the kid, then how also what the feeding mummy has to eat to provide the child with enough vitamins and useful elements, so necessary to the child?

In - the first, as well as during incubation of the kid, during feeding by a breast mummy also has to receive necessary amount of calcium . If the woman with food stocks up with it insufficiently, then calcium necessary to the child comes to breast milk from mother`s bones. Therefore the feeding mother has to drink so much milk (plus to use dairy products), how many the kid exhausts, plus it is a little more for needs of her own organism. Daily drink milk, kefir, curdled milk (not less than 0,5 l), eat cottage cheese or cottage cheese products (about 100 g).

In - the second (at least 3 times a day) constantly have to be present at a diet of porridge, pasta and bread (400 - 500) as a source of vitamins of

B group B. - the third, meat, a bird and fish - the minimum of times, and are better 2 times a day. From time to time it is necessary to include in the menu a liver as especially valuable product.

Also it is recommended to eat vegetable oil or margarine (20 - 30 g) as a vitamin A source. If you are inclined to completeness, eat instead of oil more of the vegetables containing vitamin A . Remember that it contains in dark-green and is bright - yellow fruits.

Of course, it is impossible to do without fruit . Also, as well as vegetables, it is necessary to use them 6 times a day to satisfy need of an organism for vitamin C. The part of vegetables and fruit can be eaten in the raw. They can be fresh, tinned, frozen or dried.

Pay special attention to the content of iron in your diet. At the feeding mummy the need for food iron makes 30 mg a day. Vitamin D - according to the recipe of the doctor (for the best assimilation by an organism of the received calcium).

Meanwhile, to increase of a lactation are promoted by honey, a water-melon, mushroom soups, walnuts, fish dishes. But at the same time be careful as

some of these and other products can cause an allergy in the kid. Treat them including a citrus, strawberry, chocolate, a pickles, strong meat broth, surplus of eggs and sausages. All alcoholic beverages are forbidden.

I will notice that the quantity of food , necessary for you daily, depends on a number of factors. For example, if you are very active or nurse more than one child, then daily need consumption of bigger number of calories. On the contrary, if you lure the kid artificial mixes, then, it is possible that you also do not need additional calories.

By the way , drinks from carrots, a dandelion, fennel, etc. will help to increase amount of milk . It is easy to prepare them also the main thing - quickly:

1. Carrot juice. Drink on a half-glass 2 - 3 times a day. It is possible to add 1 tablespoon of milk or cream.

2. Infusion from fennel seeds. fill in 2 teaspoons of seeds with a glass of boiled water, let`s be drawn a little, filter. Drink its cold on the 2nd tablespoons 3 - 4 times a day.

3. Juice from dandelion leaves. soak Fresh young leaves in cold water (1,5 - 2 hours). Wring out juice through a gauze, salt and let`s stand about 40 minutes. Drink 1 - 2 time a day on a half-glass small drinks. It is possible to add sugar or a little honey.

As you understand, friends, food of the feeding woman, as well as to, in time, and after pregnancy, has to be competent, full, reasonable. Naturally, the care of daily to receive necessary amount of vitamins and useful substances, can significantly hit the pocket. But believe, at this time it is better not to save on food, health is the most important. It would be healthy if not only parents understood these common truths, but also did not forget those who are in power...

Further information to reflection : in our region (Volgograd region) since January 1 of next year the regional law on pregnant women comes into force. According to the document, all future mothers who were registered on pregnancy will monthly get material support of three hundred rubles. Sum, of course, ridiculous. On this money future mummies, for example, can buy daily only a bag of the cheapest milk and that will not last for all month of these remains. Besides, deputies of regional Duma developed the law for nursing mothers. Just few weeks ago at meeting of special-purpose committee the key moments of the law " were considered; About protection and support of breastfeeding . I will notice that Volgograd became one of the first in Russia and the first in the Southern Federal District which came to need of adoption of such law...

Protect health! Be happy! Be adjusted on a positive and trust in the best!