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In what breastfeeding value?

Maternal milk are an ideal food for newborns. It possesses a unique chemical composition which has related communication with structure of cages and the child`s tissues. Maternal milk not only contains all necessary feedstuffs, enzymes, hormones, but also is easily acquired by an organism of the baby. Those women who nurse the kids feel inexplicable pleasure from feeling of proximity with the child. But today even more often it is possible to observe such picture when mummies consciously refuse feeding of the child a breast not to spoil a figure and, respectively, not to get out of a shape of a mammary gland. Others not against breastfeeding, but all trouble that the woman has no similar opportunity (there is not enough milk, treatment some incompatible with feeding by a breast medicines, the postponed stress and as a result - milk loss, etc. urgently is required) . So in what advantages of breastfeeding and what exist “ for “ in its advantage? We will also talk about it...

In - the first, feeding by a breast is useful for health of the woman. It promotes reductions of a uterus that helps it to return to a normal state.

In - the second, with colostrum the child receives immunity against diseases. When breastfeeding children suffer from gastric frustration slightly less often, than at artificial, catch a cold less often and are less subject to various infections.

In - the third, vitamins B maternal milk completely meet requirements of a children`s organism. And contents in it a number of hormones regulates growth and development of the kid.

Besides, breast milk serves for the child not only food, but also drink. Therefore at preservation of the free mode of feeding the child`s dopaivaniye within the first 6 months of life is not required.

Big plus breastfeeding from the practical point of view is sterility of milk. Thanks to it mother does not need to sterilize small bottles, to warm up or cool milk that saves time and forces.

It is considered, that sucking of a breast is very useful for the kid as this process stimulates development of teeth and the child`s jaw. Meanwhile, there are data that at natural feeding children on average start walking in 12,5 months (at artificial - in 14,7), and the beginning of the speech is the share of age of 13,3 and 15,2 months respectively.

Also various special researches of scientists about advantage of breastfeeding exist. Some of them, undoubtedly, it is possible to call disputable, but, nevertheless, irrespective of our beliefs, they quite have the right for existence...

1. Breastfeeding promotes career development. the British experts claim that children thanks to maternal milk in a consequence more often are successful in life quicker move ahead on a social ladder. Scientists came to such conclusions on the basis of data of research which lasted more than 60 years. Specialists of University of Bristol studied results of supervision over 1 400 babies who were born in pre-war Great Britain. As showed research, children who were on breastfeeding, managed to improve the social status 41% more often in comparison with those who received artificial substitutes of maternal milk. At the same time advance speed on a social ladder directly depended on feeding duration. The fact that if maternal milk in a family was received only by one of children, his chances of successful career increased for 16% in comparison with brothers or sisters is remarkable.

2. “ The children raised by breast milk have stresses easier and are characterized menshimurovny uneasiness “ - the Archives of Disease in Childhood magazine reports about it. Scientists of Carolinian institute (Karolinska Institute) in Stockholm by results of research with participation of 9000 British children came to such conclusion. Children it was observed since the birth, and it was especially noted which of babies was on breastfeeding and who - on artificial. In five - and ten-year age, at the request of the head of research Scott Montgomery (Scott Montgomery), at children determined the level of uneasiness and resistance to stress. The mark on a scale from 0 to 50 was put down by their school teachers. Besides, scientists interrogated parents of school students about a psychological situation in a family, having allocated families where divorce or separate accommodation of spouses took place.

Results of research showed that the largest level of uneasiness was noted at the children who endured divorce of parents. However children who were nursed transferred this situation much easier, than those who were in infancy on artificial feeding. The reason of such dependence is definitely not known. On one of hypotheses, positive influence of breastfeeding can be connected with ability of components of maternal milk to influence development of nervous system of the kid.

3. Children who are on breastfeeding longer suffer from excess weight in the future less often , and this interrelation does not depend on sociocultural factors. Research was organized by scientists from Harvard school of public health (Boston) under the leadership of Mathew Gilman (Matthew W. Gillman). The group of scientists analysed data on 5614 children at the age of 9 - 14 years, and compared the facts which concerned brothers and sisters. It became clear that the average duration of breastfeeding of children made 6. 4 + / - 4. 0 months. The children who were on longer natural feeding on average received breast milk for 3,7 months longer, than their brothers and sisters who stopped natural earlier and passed to artificial feeding.

At the age of 9 - 14 years of 19% of children suffered from excess weight, and the majority of them made those who were on breastfeeding during rather small interval of time. The data obtained when studying brothers and sisters were close to average values, based on the analysis of the population in general. Research showed that increase in duration of breastfeeding for each 4 months leads to decrease in risk of excess weight in the period of puberty approximately for 6%.

Thus, breastfeeding in itself renders a positive role and contributes to normalization of body weight. The reason of this phenomenon is up to the end not clear, however there is a theory that breast milk renders long effect on the metabolism helping to control body weight. According to other theory, natural feeding forms the correct food behavior. It is connected with the fact that feeding duration at babies first of all is regulated by the child, at the same time at bottle-fed babies this process is more regulated by mothers who continue feeding of the child until the small bottle becomes empty. And in general, according to doctors - pediator, optimum duration chest the vskarmlivniya makes to 2 - x years.

Friends, as you understand, feeding by a breast is surprising, unique, but at the same time hard process for the woman (it demands from it good and healthy nutrition, constant care of own breast etc.) . To you it is not necessary to convince you of need of this valuable stage for life of mummy and her baby, probably, more. In total and so clear. Here only finally I want to make the important remark...

Dear mummies, if you want to nurse the kid, but for one reason or another you cannot this desire carry out, you should not worry and ask infinite " questions strongly; whether it will be reflected in physical or emotional development of the child “... If you fully care for the kid, to surround him with care and caress, to pay him an attention maximum, to regularly show to doctors, then is not excluded that he will grow up healthy, strong and happy. Eventually, still none of scientists proved that artificially raised children grow up not such happy as the children who received enough maternal milk.

If you love the kids, then take care also health your kids!