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Whether to trust to letters of happiness promising a miracle - prizes?

Nobody is insured from receiving by mail some next The Miracle - letters because for this purpose any addresses are used! And most of all the universal firms which are engaged in mailing of advertizing catalogs and delivery of goods by mail succeeded in it.

" firm; " Mail Club; for example, offers except the international best-sellers for 299 rubles (unanimously at one price!) also hair preparations, nails, weight loss, antipokhmelin with the loud name Bison and stimulator The Swagger - man`s force . This name does not give in to interpretation, or something not really decent turns out!

Firms of the " type; Euroshop Riders digest The Post - a shop World of hobbies and to them similar will not leave you alone to the death, especially if you at least once ordered from them some catalog. And " offers can quite seduce the unsophisticated person; if your friend, the acquaintance or the relative makes the order a minimum of 349 rubles, you get the Award! .

For example if you persuaded the friend to fill in the special coupon and to order the presents of KOZhANNYE boots for real men you get an award like an automatic camera (soap tray). No matter, that the soap tray, as a rule, suits all for couple of shootings: we are accustomed that the main thing not a gift, but attention.

It is possible to be tempted also on such offer: You pay only 450 rubles, and receive goods for the whole 1800 rubles! . Slightly lower, in small print: These goods can have insignificant defects which do not affect consumer qualities. All goods intended for this set are recognized suitable for realization as a result of special examination . (In other words, take, my God, that to us not a gozha!)

If you specify the size of the footwear in the coupon, we will try to consider it when forming a box . Here those on! They will try! However, 450 rubles - money small, but it is necessary to consider Attention! The goods entering a set are not subject to return and an exchange . This, really, cool! to Spit on all laws and the rights of consumers, say, warned that goods - not standard.

But the most important bait of all post rassylshchik - your participation in a lottery with a set of valuable prizes: from an electric toothbrush and the compact electrorazor to impressive sums of money and the car!

The main thing though to order something from firm, to redeem, fill in the coupon, to send it in time, and soon to you the message comes in a beautiful package that you the main applicant for a " car prize; " Volkswagen Golf; or A4 " Audi; by the way, any color which to you is more to liking and, of course, with leather salon. Here again it is important to make the order, and you receive the document - confirmation that the owner of this document with guarantee wins 1 Prize in the Big Monetary " Festival;. Sounds, huh? And to become the real applicant, it is necessary just to order still something at " firms;

After the last draw of a bigger monetary festival two my acquaintances received identical letters in which it was reported that the sum of their prize made 30 (thirty) rubles. However the firm - the benefactor emphasized that personally for them there is good news: the management of the company decided to increase their prize as they, allegedly, are one of the best clients of firm Evroshop.

Imagine that you receive not 30, but 150 rubles as you can order from the enclosed catalog to 5 goods at a discount 30 rubles on everyone .

That is nobody any prizes will win until he orders still something again. So, indefinitely, will also turn fate wheel the carrying national name scam .

Certainly, in all these post affairs there are also pluses. One acquaintance, for example, redeemed the instruction for production of a soft toy at home. Was engaged in this business thoroughly, but everything came to an end in the fact that could not sell the toys made by it and presented them to the nearest kindergarten. My neighbor, the former military, redeemed classical jacket of the American pilots from Euroshop and from time to time sports in it on a quarter. And whether there is a lot of to us, to pensioners, it is necessary? - he says. And really - the jacket not bad looks. From far away. Almost like real.

In general, children, are on the alert! Otherwise it is unknown what can appear in your mailbox: ways of rassylshchik are inscrutable. If suddenly to you the post notice on a parcel with cash on delivery comes, properly think before receiving.