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Whether it is possible to warn food poisonings?

you, probably, paid attention as often mass media report to us about mass food poisonings.

Sharp intestinal diseases arise in case activators through a mouth get into intestines of the person and there begin to breed, emitting poisonous waste products - toxins.

Violation of hygienic rules in a food preparation time, at the wrong transportation, violation of the rules and periods of storage, pollution of products by rodents, dust, directly from a sick animal from whom this product is received (milk, meat, eggs) can become the reason of food poisonings.

Traditionally food are not perceived by many people as possible health hazard, but often the food serves that Wednesday through which to the person, causative agents of infectious diseases are told. The substandard food usually has an unpleasant appearance, color, a smell, but in certain cases food infection with pathogenic microbes is externally shown by nothing. The food can look quite good-quality, keep usual taste.

Causative agents of intestinal diseases possess high stability in external environment. The cold detains reproduction of microbes, heat, on the contrary, promotes their reproduction, boiling kills microbes and protect products from damage. But even well boiled thoroughly or fried thoroughly food after cooling can be repeatedly polluted by microbes.

A large number of causative agents of intestinal infections is on vegetables and fruit (therefore they should be washed out carefully before the use)

can Quite often see how in the market before buying berries, fruit or vegetables, buyers at first try them. And it is inadmissible.

Under the law of safety of food, foodstuff should not contain causative agents of infectious, viral and parasitic diseases, toxins, but in life everything occurs in a different way, laws of hygiene are broken, not carried out or executed partially.

Danger of food poisoning is constituted by the dishes used cold without thermal treatment (various salads, milk, dairy products).

The milk received even in ideal sanitary conditions does not happen free from microbes as the cow udder always contains their some quantity. In milk microorganisms violently develop, that is why it before the use surely should be boiled. Cottage cheese and curdled milk should be prepared only from boiled milk.

Especially favorable environment for reproduction of microbes is meat, fish, boiled sausage, cottage cheese.

Pollution of eggs microbes can occur both at the time of formation, and through a shell. Therefore it is better not to use eggs in the raw.

Many diseases overtake us from - for non-compliance with rules of hygiene or their excessive simplification (across all Russia our citizens without special fastidiousness buy from grandmothers the nutlets, sunflower seeds which are so carefully packaged in paper bags from old newspapers and magazines even without reflecting about travel newspapers, about a dirty border under nails of the shop assistant).

The prevention of intestinal diseases depends on sanitary culture, observance of the most elementary rules of personal hygiene:

carefully to wash hands before cooking, before food, after a toilet

it is good to span to wash out vegetables, berries, fruit before food flowing water and to scald

boiled water to protect from pollution foodstuff which is used without predvaritelnoyteplovy processing

it is dangerous to span to taste crude mincemeat, meat, fish it is necessary to cook and fry to full readiness

surely you boil

milk the chopping boards, kitchen tables and other objects used for preparation and cutting of products, carefully wash

needs to be remembered always that flies - dangerous carriers of intestinal infections (the fly can transfer several million microbes of diseases)

a garbage can should be held closed, to daily empty it and to periodically disinfect

water before the use it is obligatory for span to boil

the food which staid some time before the use needs to boil or fry thoroughly

again meat and fish dishes have to pass careful thermal treatment

should not cook food for others if you have a diarrhea, a respiratory or skin infection.

Symptoms of food poisoning - nausea, vomiting, pain in a stomach, the headache, sometimes temperature increase - are shown in several hours after the use of a substandard product.

There are cases when displays of an illness - vomiting, the diarrhea, belly-aches - disappear, the person considers itself recovered, however it continues to allocate activators for a long time. Such people are called bacillicarriers. They are dangerous that, without knowing about the state, they are not treated, do not observe precautionary measures and can be a source of distribution of an infection among people around.

If you had a vomiting, belly-aches, a diarrhea, the general weakness, it is necessary to see immediately a doctor, it is not necessary to resort to self-treatment at all. The remains of a suspicious product and emetic masses should not be thrown out, they will give the chance to doctors to find out the reason of poisoning and to appoint the corresponding treatment. The earlier treatment is begun, the it is less than risk for health, the diseased and health of people around.