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Can we wash correctly hands?

Even despite a shaft of pathologies, high mortality, disability and reduction of life expectancy continue to forget the population about hygiene of hands. So, the mankind hurt, is ill, and will hurt because, as in the 21st century it is necessary to remind citizens of implementation of hygienic rules.

The overwhelming part of infections with intestinal infections occurs in the household way - by means of dirty hands. Without following rules of personal hygiene, the sick person the polluted hands transfers causative agents of intestinal infections to household goods, door handles, switches etc. of

Washing of hands before food has to become a compulsory procedure, otherwise we will never be able to prevent intestinal infections.

Pay attention: even where there are all conditions for washing of hands, not everyone washes them. And now present that the person of the patient or just with the dirty hands which counted a minute ago money will sit down near you at a table and will use a saltcellar. After that you will undertake the same tableware and - after a while problems are provided to you. So washing of hands - not a personal record of the certain citizen, and an obligatory element of each cultural person.

How you imagine technology of washing of hands ?

The person approaches the crane with obviously polluted hands. It undertakes the crane, opens it. The handle of a water tap becomes soiled. Having washed hands, the person undertakes the crane handle again to close water. At the same time the dirt which got on the crane handle before washing of hands appears on hands again. Non-compliance with elementary rules of hygiene leads the person to an illness from - for own ignorances.

Here and many live: at first, illogically, ruin the health, and then, making huge efforts, seek to correct it.

And it is correct to wash hands - so:

- we take off all jewelry complicating washing from hands;

- we open the crane, we wash hands with soap then we rinse the crane handle with soap;

- again we soap hands (from the internal and outer side), we wash away soap from hands;

- we close a water tap.

You remember:

- the wetted and not washed hands - the fine environment for reproduction of microorganisms;

- when using soap in pieces have to be used the soap trays allowing soap to dry between procedures of washing of hands;

- the more soap foaming, the more its efficiency when processing hands;

- a towel for hands has to be pure and dry, it is necessary to change it as often as possible.

It is possible to give the mass of examples of achievements of physicians in the course of fight for health and life expectancy of people at the present stage. But It should be noted that in hands of doctors there are not all aspects of health. To physicians not to cope with such problem as unhealthy life, non-compliance with rules of hygiene which negatively influence the level of health of the person. All this has to be a subject of attention and care of the person.

Ability of a human body to be protected from harmful effects is not boundless. And ourselves have to help an organism, having the sufficient level of knowledge and literacy in hygiene questions.