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What to eat with an excessive weight?

There now, at last, to you signed the order on the next holiday, and you out of yourself with happiness hurry to leave stuffy office and rather to indulge in blissful inaction, you a whirlwind fly from a ladder and rush to an exit, apparently, nothing can sadden your happiness. You do not know yet that some villain from the most mean motives hung up in the foyer of your office building a mirror in all wall. And this ill-fated mirror followed ways of your happiness, you stop, with horror peer into the reflection in which not only the person is visible now. Yes, fat was laid in the most unexpected places. The first that comes to mind: It is necessary not to eat … at least a month, and is better two! . Thought, of course, sensible, but fat fat, and there is a wish to eat everything-. Here it is just possible to eat when is generally nothing is necessary?

I will begin with what is categorically it is impossible. From the diet it is necessary to clean sugar, jam, candies, flour products. Also 3% fat content, sour cream, fat and processed cheeses, mayonnaise, sausages and everything that is fried are contraindicated to people with tendency to corpulence milk with more, than. Many think that the ban of fat - it means there is no fat and not to smear bread with oil, it of course so, but keep in mind that, for example, the glass of sour cream or two sausages contain as much fats how many and a half of a pack of butter, and fat content of vegetable oil is 20 - 30% higher than fat content of the same creamy.

Every day the person who is not burdened with hard physical work needs 2000 kcal of energy. One gram of fat contains 9 kilocalories, in &ndash alcohol gram; 7 kilocalories, in gram of protein and &ndash carbohydrates; 4 kcal so buy the engineering calculator and forward: to consider calories.

At problems with weight it is necessary to increase in a diet amount of vegetables and fruit (it is better not sweet), ginger, a nutmeg, cinnamon, horse-radish, low-fat breeds of fish, such as a cod, a pollock, a flounder and a humpback salmon. It is possible to drink natural juice in which there are no sugar additives, it is the best of all grapefruit, pineapple and lemon. The kiwi well splits fats, with fats also a citrus, and their most useful part - not juicy pulp, but an internal white cover therefore it is better to use a citrus together with a peel arrive, and here bananas, on the contrary, promote accumulation of weight. Boiled and baked (but not fried) potatoes stimulate splitting of fats. Also some smells, especially are useful to vanilla, a lemon and orange, they reduce appetite and struggle with food neurosis.

The most valuable food for the people inclined to completeness, - it is sauerkraut, sea cabbage, a cranberry and cowberry. Champions after combustion of fats it is possible to call onions and garlic, after one hour after their use metabolic rate in cages, and, therefore, and combustion of fat increases. Cellulose and bran are very useful, on one spoon add them to food or drink with tea. From alcohol it is possible to drink only red dry wine on 100 - 200 ml a day. Well from obesity to use grass infusions but only as an additional tool.

Take care.