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Whether buyers together with sellers can celebrate the Day of workers of trade?

the Fourth Sunday of July was in the USSR and is in present Russia - Day of the worker of trade.

In Soviet period of these workers - at least, the most typical of them - could be recognized easily from far away: on the good suits, beautiful jackets and mouths filled by gold teeth.

It is remembered how in memorable time of total deficiency of good goods I asked the schoolmate: why after the termination of technical school of the Soviet trade that did not go to work as the manager in shoe shop, and began to work in food.

What a difference footwear - would sit on deficiency. And here some grain, macaroni and other … I, of course, meant that the Yugoslavian or Czech shoes always both are fashionable, and are convenient, and are necessary to all, including large economic, party workers and, by itself, childhood friends. But the companion answered very simply and categorically: “ In shoe it is necessary to weigh nothing! “

This really brilliant answer was engraved to me in the memory for the rest of life. And so it, prosperity secret! As they say, “ to hang up a skok in grams “. Then these grams, grammochka, grammulechka in hands of skillful workers of scales and attendants of a counter turned into kilograms, centners and tons, and further already, respectively, - into packs of green, blue, red Soviet notes with a Lenin profile. And on them it was possible to buy quietly any deficiency, including apartments and cars, even not “ sitting “ on it, on deficiency. Such here vital philosophy.

Presently when ranks of workers of trade extended to the huge sizes, and trade became nearly the most important branch of a national economy (and managing), in it changed little. Many times the quantity of ways of deception of buyers grew. Without looking at anything - at what you buy at fairs, in SUPER - and even in Hypermarkets (in, pancake, thought up a word, even more abruptly, than Minimarket!), risk to get a fake it is very big.

Creamy or vegetable oil in actual fact can turn out margarine or autoscrap, or oil with so overdue expiration date that “ to taste “ this product made during lifetime of your grandmother it is simply life-threatening. And so on.

It appears, all “ American “ jeans and " dresses; haute couture “ (absolutely foolish stamp meaning literally “ from the cutter “) on sale in our country, davny - long ago are also quite successfully made in China. Or are brought from the nearest shop sekond - a hand. And even not all numerous dealers guess it. And “ company “ the Japanese electronics can be collected at underground plant, for example, in Kaliningrad.

Also be sure even if the seller knows about it, he will never (if only he is not your or the relative) tell you about it because the main task of current trade - to sell you goods, and at all not for any price, but at any cost! What in present youth language is called “ to push “!

Also go then “ pushed “ citizens on vessels and on societies of consumer protection, trying to prove something, to find the truth or a justice on dealers.

To be fair we will tell that not all workers of trade - “ thoroughbred “ swindlers or deceivers (because, in - the first, it would be the full paragraph, in - the second because sellers are deceived too, and in - the third because honest people, without looking at anything, all - is), but the ear all the same should be held on the alert.

And it is interesting, by the way: those salesclerks who and a counter - not always have that and therefore they trade that is called from the earth, will celebrate this holiday? They, often dirty, dirty, with dirty hands and “ mourning “ a border under nails, in any places suitable for them - whether against public toilets, shops or monuments - carefully place and display on newspapers and “ selovanovy “ packages of a bottle of milk of an unknown origin, cottage cheese, suspicious meat wild both pets and any other food. And in the neighbourhood with so-called street dairy products can quite trade in herring, water-melons, footwear, stationery and to accept glassware. Just some idyll or real trade paradise!

However most of sellers honestly works during a heat and in cold, standing all day on the street, others, though indoors, but for 12 - 14 hours a day. Sometimes even without lunch because at this particular time unexpectedly bring some goods. Then seven hours on a dream - and again on “ beloved “ work, because in absolute majority of grocery little shops such schedule.

Besides, I do not know, how in the civilized large cities, and in the province the worker of trade (in particular, grocery stores and stalls) - the being most deprived of civil rights on light. Impudent owners, using legal illiteracy of girls, exploit them how much in vain: at employment select the passport, do not make out properly; do not give any social guarantees or social packages; do not pay a salary in time; force to take products from the same shop (including delayed) on account of a salary …

A one of the most widespread and distinguished ways of mockeries is employment with depriving of the passport “ as a deposit “ and with a trial period. Young women with very secondary education and the same intelligence in which after a while large shortage suddenly is found, as a rule, come across this rod, and prosecution at full scale begins: they are dismissed, but force to pay off with threats and blackmail.

But will be enough about sad. Tell that in the holiday of workers of trade many sellers begin a few even to love buyers who, as, however, and the work, with all the heart are hated in all other days of year. And, maybe, buyers who often at all not angels, at least this day will try to concern to sellers with full sympathy and understanding.

And in the evening, probably, and the first and second, on two parts is divided all our population (into buyers and sellers), is quiet and equal a side Obock sit at holiday tables, having forgotten any claims.

And well them, really, at least this day!