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Profit in a cube or What monopoly received the world recognition?

Ya hope, somebody guessed that it will be a question not of monopolies in business, and of a widespread board game which already neither more nor less, and seventy two years, on other sources are slightly more - even hundred three years. Why such difference? All the matter is that until recently it was considered to be that the existence Monopoly it is obliged to the electrical engineer Charles Darrou who used it in 1935. However there was one more person who patented idea Monopolies in 1904, it was Lizzie Meydzhi`s from Maryland. But recognition was gained by Darrou. Perhaps, time and events just well coincided at this time, in America there was just a crisis and many sat without work, maybe, appearance or still something was thought over better, to us not to learn it.

But we will talk about game. Rules of the game, I think, are known especially as even now Monopoly did not lose the appeal to players from all globe. And it is not surprising, the game purpose - to make bankrupt the rivals as whom friends, as a rule, act, and to get hold on it of money and which of us did not dream to become a millionaire... Therefore and it is not surprising that game gained such distribution though it was not wanted to be put into mass production, and Darrou with friends was necessary before the " company ; Parker Brothers accepted their offer, to make about 500 copies manually.

From this point Monopoly began the high-speed ascension and distribution. At present this game is published in 27 languages and has a set of modifications and names: Business Monopoly Chance Businessman etc.

In the Guinness Book of Records, as far as I know, Monopoly takes three places. As the most expensive set for game - the price in 1 million dollars the creator of this set the jeweler Sydney Mobel from San - Frantsisko requested, the USA. Second time Monopoly enters as game in which for 10 world tournaments (them there is just so much and was) any of winners did not win twice. And the third time - thanks to the Norwegian divers who played in Monopoly under water three days without interruption.

Well both still how interesting and not really the facts about Monopolies not received registration in the Guinness Book of Records.

Nearly 500 million people played this game since 1934.

More than 200 million copies of game were sold worldwide.

More than 5 billion small green lodges were constructed since 1935.

The set with gold lodges and silver hotels made by the " company; Alfred Dunhill it was sold for $25000.

The most long party in the history lasted 70 days.

Spring of 1987 Yuniat Kolledzha`s students in Huntington (Juniata College in Huntington) realized the big idea . They turned quarters of the campus into cages Monopolies the courses became by means of huge porolonovy cubes, and movements were made through the cyclists equipped with portable handheld transceivers.

In 1964 Parker Brothers made a special set of game for New Ingland Dayvers which it is possible to play under water. The special metal field was covered with cellophane and 95 pounds weighed. For reference use: the easiest field for game in Monopoly occupies one square inch.

In 1978 Neumann Markus (Neiman Marcus) showed the good taste having declared in the Christmas catalog of the company 600 - the dollar full-size game Monopoly . The required details were cast from chocolate that gave to game one more degree of sweet.

At last, Franklin Mint (Franklin Mint) let out collection Monopoly for 550 dollars where all counters were cast from silver or gold.

Here such here legendary game. In total same interesting and informative.