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How to make excellent sauerkraut?

you Remember an old joke - The salty kapustka Is good - and it is not a shame to put on a table, and will eat - it is not a pity ? And if it is serious - it also really is good - and - and!

Well of vitamins, minerals. The cabbage in Russia is mentioned in chronicles in the XI-XII centuries, and began to be cultivated much earlier, and she took the worthy place in Russian cuisine. In northern areas sauerkraut - one of the main sources of vitamin C in winter time. Ways of preservation of cabbage a set and begin to cut it on fields with the first frosts. National ways of a fermentation of cabbage set. Even in different regions of Russia prepare it differently. In northern areas (Arkhangelsk, Voloda) I was treated with scalded cabbage. Very gentle and tasty snack. Itself often so I do. The recipe checked. Also prepares quickly. For 3 - 4 day it is ready.

Scalded cabbage.

the Head of cabbage is smoothed out, cut on 4 - 8 parts - the more small, the quicker it will be ready. Put in not oxidized ware - in a steklobanka or the enameled pan (without the beaten-off parts of enamel). Add an anise, caraway seeds, mint - to taste. Fill in with the boiling brine and allow to cool down in it. That the cabbage did not emerge - press it small oppression. When the brine cools down, add a crust of black bread to it and leave for ferment for 3 - 4 days in the warm place. Then the cabbage is displayed on banks, watered with oil when giving. Add a cranberry or cowberry.

On 1 kg of cabbage - 1 l of water, salt of 25 - 30 g, caraway seeds, an anise - 5 g

Ya very much I like to cook Fast cabbage .

Such it is ready already next day. It is very long stored.

Largely I cut pryamougolnichka cabbage, crude beet - circles, garlic - quarters. In 3 - x a one-liter jar hardly I fill cabbage, shifting its circles of beet and garlic. I fill in with the boiling brine - 1 l of water, 1 glass of sugar, 1 Art. of vinegar (usual, 9%, spirit), 2 tablespoons of salt, bay leaf. To Zakipyatit water with sugar and salt, to pour in vinegar (here it turns out big sh - sh - sh, but passes soon), to bring to boiling and to pour out on cabbage. There is a lot of vinegar, but result excellent. On 3 - x a one-liter jar 1,5 liters of a brine are necessary, i.e. all recipe needs to be increased by 1,5 times. Day costs at the room temperature, then we put in the refrigerator and we enjoy hrustky, beautiful snack. It is good both to meat, and to vodka.

Fermented kapustka.

we remove several leaves From cabbage, we slice the remained cabbage, we grate carrots, caraway seeds are washed out and we dry a thin layer on a paper towel, at desire we add several berries of a cranberry. I take

Ya 10 - a liter plastic bucket, I cover a bottom several left cabbage leaves.

Cabbage, carrots and caraway seeds to mix, add salt - about 100 - 125 on 5 kg of cabbage, to grind and stamp. To cover with the remained leaves, to cover with a plate and to put under oppression. The plate has to be covered with the formed juice. The cabbage wanders and walks at a temperature apprx. 20 - 21 Celsius. My bucket rustles 3 - 4 days. From time to time it is necessary to pierce a stick to the bottom in several places, and thus to let out gases. The brine can begin to flow, but then it brightens, the cabbage ceases to taste bitter, it should be spread out on banks and to put to the cold place. When giving sometimes I add slightly sugar, but it is not obligatory. Very simply, but it turns out tasty.

A fermented kapustka with honey.

we Slice cabbage, we rub on a large grater carrots. We stamp in 3 - x a one-liter jar. We do a brine: on 1 liter of water - 1 tablespoon with a hill of salt and 1 tablespoon of honey. We stir, we fill in cabbage. In two days you will be expected by the wonderful, crackling, fragrant fermented kapustka.

There is a lot of recipes of preparation of cabbage. Not to count all. It is made sour both with apples, and with onions, and with cowberry, and with a cranberry. In old times the cabbage was always made sour on the growing Moon and in days in which name there is a letter P - Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. On Sunday did not do anything - a great sin. There are such simple rules, and as a result on a table - a source of vitamins.

of action Pleasant to you and tasty everyday life.