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Whether there is rooster fish soup? Secrets of preparation of tasty fish soup.

, How many in Russia of the rivers, lakes and seas? The answer to this question also defined a wide circulation of fish soups almost in all regions of Russia. The fish soup cooked from just caught fish in a copper over a fire is especially appreciated.

The main advantage of this dish - strong broth. At experts - gourmets fish soup threefold for which cook broth from a fish trifle, and then from 2 - 3 species of fish is appreciated. A variety of taste of fish soup is defined not only that fish from whom she is trained, but also way of cooking. On Don cook a fish soup with tomatoes, in the Arkhangelsk region on milk, and we have a specialty fish soup - from a rooster. Now fish soup call only fish soup, in Russia fish soup called also other soups cooked on various broths - chicken, meat etc.

For modern taste ancient fish soup would seem very sharp, but a large amount of fat softened relish which spices impacted to fish soup. Let`s talk about modern recipes of preparation of this first course - fish soup.

At first secrets of its preparation, and then recipes. In any fish soup for clarification of broth the vodka tablespoon - is put on 5 liters of fish soup, and a honey teaspoon. No sweet will be felt - a little for a sweet. And here relish will be impacted by excellent.

Rooster fish soup. to

For such really imperial fish soup needs chicken for broth and 2 - 3 kg of fresh sturgeon. While chicken cooks, we undress sturgeon on links, we scald and we cut portion pieces. Chicken cooked - she from fish soup is deleted. In strong chicken broth put fish, add bay leaf, onions, pepper, cook, removing foam. If you want - add potatoes, carrots, tomatoes. We add only greens and tomatoes when giving. So tasty fish soup - simply royal dish. Of course, and without chicken sturgeon fish soup greatly. But in such combination is just wonderful delicacy. And what spirit all right! M - m - m!!! Usually we cook such fish soup on the yacht - at once Zavolzhye distances are remembered Such beautiful association of a full relaxation and tasty table.

And at a fire it is good of the Ear fishing .

There are other memoirs. A unification with the nature, the fire smell, a gentle evening cool and songs to the guitar which are touching deeply.

We wash out small fish and we clean. Often we do not clean if fish still fights. From this fish we cook broth, removing foam. We filter through a gauze. In cast iron we put pieces of a pike perch (or other fish - what we will catch), bell pepper, bay leaf, onions. We fill in with the filtered broth, we salt and we cook to readiness of fish. Of course, all spices we prepare for fish soup still houses in advance. And gauze too.

Fish soup dairy. with

I such was treated by friends from Arkhangelsk. Very unusual taste. It was pleasant to me. Took the recipe.

In a pan pour water, add salt, bring to boiling, put pieces of the cleared fish, again bring to boiling, pour in milk, cook to readiness and fill with oil. This perches fish soup is especially tasty.

Milk of 250 ml, water of 250 ml, fish 200 gr, oil 10 gr.

And here the recipe of Fish soup Don (according to V. Soloukhin):

well cleared fish is put in a copper (a bucket, a pan) and begin to be cooked. When water begins to boil, lower in it a large number of the red cut tomatoes. After a while tomatoes take out, knead in separate ware, separate a thin skin and again pour in the turned-out red hot swill in a copper with fish soup, thus, all fish soup turns out red color.

Pike perch or other fish 200 gr, tomatoes 100 gr, oil 10 gr, greens, spices, salt.

Bon appetit!