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How it is correct to wipe a pig?

Wipe a pig

Somewhere in fantastic open spaces: in hollows, maybe, or in holes, lived three meat a zverenka - three ruddy pigs. The senior was from them Naf - Naf, very clever is the fact. Average was called as Nuf - Nuf - is not clever, but also is not silly. Younger, with a nickname Nif - Nifa, was at them zamesto sifa . And mind that swine did not leave, and not Schiffer`s figure. In life without aiming, guzzle from the earth, under the sun heating the chubby sides, generally, idly days carry out neglected three male pigs - life for them was easy. But time - that goes, and after very warm summer the fall right there comes. On the earth to lie vly - it is advisable to build the house.

To build the house is a work. From work and a fly die. Work - process ungrateful, especially if for nothing. The senior builds of stones, average of dreves branches. Younger - the untalented person, that, alas, builds a lodge of a grass. After a week three lazy pigs proved to be in business. At Naf - Naf the whole house - many engineering counters was applied by the builder in it. At Nuf - Nufa - the house is worse, both inside, and outside. Younger built slowly of a grass and a cane. And as a result something turned out like a tent.

Except three friends - pigs, the wood were inhabited at that time by a set of other animals. Among them there was a gray wolf who was a good judge of pigs. Somehow time on a name-day it decided to eat pork. It goes to Nif - Nifu on a visit: - Open

- kryuchkokhvosty. Open without delay, undersign on the invitation. Tomorrow there will be name-day with the main course from pork. You will choose to yourself a stuffing: you want, we will insert an apelsinka? And inside we will fill buckwheat, you will lie down hour or so in an oven.

- Wons go from this porch.

- Well as far as I understand, does not reach my speech. That for pathetic attempts from the furnace of to preserve. Well, for it I do not blame. Very much you, the mobster, put on airs - time so roughly refused to head my menu. Arrangements are useless, so I will use force.

Somewhere having got matches and having kindled an izba, the wolf sits down on penek, waits when will reach on fire with pork pie. The izba door was opened, pigs ears seemed. The pig at full speed ran to the brother`s izba - the wolf could not catch up with its. From disappointment, from chagrin he sat down on penek again.

That, so likely it is better. We a little bit will wait a moment - and we will eat two for time.

it Sets fire to an izba, the smoke curls over a top. But our greedy wolf did not know that for a hut he set fire. Roof all from hemp: drug addict grists on spring suddenly sprouted. Hemp smoked, the smoke went in all cracks. From an izba the laughter is heard:

- We is the most live again. You will not see our tears - to guzzle go bark from birches. Have a snack - on a fly agaric, do not loom before a fence.

The wolf faints, hemp implants him. And the desire to devour with a wolf began to possess. With the main thought of pork, fat, meat, boiled pork he under windows sits, waits when everything burns down to try to an evening of pigs in own juice. And in an izba noise costs: the smoke not only amuses, here and the door already burns. Two unfortunate pigs began to squeal very loudly.

- You rescue us the brother Naf - Naf. We will die here - it is the fact.

- Well - amicably all syuda. I will rescue you from trouble.

- Not syuda, the brother, and here - that, with grammar trouble?

- Well and pigs - mind does not press? Let god will rescue you. I for you will put a candle and I will go to doze to an oven.

- the Joke it, you understand - to yourself take us now. Open a door - and that kaput.

- is fine, I will give you five seconds.

of the Pig smartly gathered: through a fencing broke. The door slammed with a ring - the wolf was repeatedly broken off. Having departed from influence of a dope not too early, the wolf thought: there is a hogwash, the pig is not given me. The third lodge is strong difficult - here and the match will not help. So it developed, pancake, destiny that fight is lost. And in a stomach it is empty also from these thoughts sadly. And I delete a damned pig from the menu.

So as wise as before, the wolf to himself trudged further. Pigs joyfully exult: " engine; around blow, note in flocks superiority over the enemy.

And I am ready to share morals of this fairy tale: you want to guzzle - so act quickly, without preludes and a show off.