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How to choose an ideal hairstyle?

of Doubt concerning the choice of a new hairstyle can bring to the real headache with consequences in the form of unsuccessful (God forbid!) experiments and desire to shave bare.

But, it appears, it is quite simple to get rid of these tortures. It is necessary to remember only two basic rules, and your choice will be optimum.

Rule No. 1. Define the shape of a face. the Shape of a face determines by

a hairdress. What suits one type does not suit another at all. Allocate 5 types of a shape of a face: round, oval, triangular, square and extended. It is simple to define a shape of the face. For a start comb hair back. Then take something writing, for example, a pencil for lips, approach a mirror and lead round on it the reflection. It is ready. Now depart on couple of steps backwards and already without effort define the type.

Oval to the person suits practically everything: from extremely short hedgehog to infinitely long hair. It is possible to experiment with ringlets.

At round

the person it is better for u to choose hairstyles of average length. Step hairstyles will be especially good. The bang can be thinned out or combed on one side. And here you should not try chemistry and an equal bang.

If you have triangular a shape of a face, and its line soft and rounded off, they will be perfectly added by a voluminous hair and hairstyles with a fringe. If some angularity is inherent in lines, then the hairstyle has to be geometrically accurate.

Square to a shape of a face will suit structural hairstyles. The necessary effect can be made by means of locks of different length or easy waves. The parting in the middle, a long straight hair and an equal bang will not decorate such person.

At extended the person not to do without bang in any way. It visually will help to reduce the person by couple of centimeters. The hairstyle can be chosen any: small short or asymmetric. But you should not experiment with a long straight hair and a high tail.

Rule No. 2. Define the type of hair.

That any hairstyle looked remarkably, it is necessary to consider also structure of hair. To define the type, only one your hair is required. Pull it and break off. If it gave in easily, means at you a fine hair. Some efforts, so average type of hair were required. Well, and a hard, thick hair is torn hardly.

It is not necessary to leave a fine hair too long. Locks have to be structural. It will give them additional volume. If hair curl, also the short hairstyle, and average length will approach. For a straight hair it is better to choose a step hairstyle as a semicircle.

On averages on structure hair it is possible to do practically any hair. But especially well on them fragmentary hairstyles look.

Thick hair hard give in to laying and hold a form not for long. Therefore the step hairstyle best of all will be suitable for them. Will help to facilitate such hair also tapering. But it is necessary to do it very accurately.

The main thing - to approach the choice of a hairstyle intelligently. Having considered the type of hair and a shape of a face, at the following campaign to the hairdresser you for certain will be satisfied with result.

Successful to you hairstyles!