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What to pay attention to, choosing a fitball for the kid?

So, we already know that a fitball - a usual ball. Well, unless, more largely. Your kid accustomed with him long ago, mastered all exercises described in the previous article and grew up. It is time to pass to more difficult occupations.

I offer exercises for children is more senior, approximately from six-month-old age.

Hvatayka . Very cheerful and ridiculous exercise. Put the kid a tummy on a ball, ahead on a floor put a toy. Holding the child for a back, incline a fitball that the peanut could grab and lift bait . Try to arrange a toy so that the child reached for it. You can sometimes compete at whom better it will turn out: to grab a toy at the kid, or to return a ball to initial situation at mother.

Frog . The child sits on a ball and tries to jump up. Mother insures.

Stop - skok . Mother holds the athlete lying a tummy on a ball for handles. Push a ball that the child touched by legs of a floor and made a start. Bring up the baby in a starting position. Be not overzealous with breakthroughs for handles, this is, nevertheless, the small child.

Spring . The kid lies a tummy on a ball, embracing him handles and legs. Shins of the kid in mother`s hands. Kickback of a ball - the kid unbends legs, a reset - bends. At first someone`s insurance is required since first to keep balance tudnovato.

For the children ready to go, exercise " will be useful; Tell-tale . Fine training for an ankle joint and a vestibular mechanism. Mother sits on a chair, holds a ball knees, and holds the child for handles. The kid tries to cross legs. Over time we complicate, we ask the child to get up on tiptoe.

One more exercise for mastering movement elements in vertical position - Pedestrian . Put the kid before a fitball and offer, leaning on it to push forward and to go. The insurance is obligatory!

The big ball is useful not only for gymnastic exercises. On vacation it can be used as the watercraft, especially if at a ball is horns which it is convenient to hold when swimming. Also usual childish entertainments will not stand aside. Sitting on a ball of the grown-up children and adults, promotes formation of a correct posture. by

Choosing a ball
, pay attention to elasticity. The hand should not to sink when pressing, but also rigidity of a volleyball does not approach too. If the fitball seems too thin, pinch a surface. Formation of a set of folds is unacceptable, pick up other model. Such ball can burst and frighten the precious baby.

The surface of a ball should not be slippery, or, on the contrary, too rough. The sticking-out seams or the nipple will prevent exercises and can even become the reason of injuries.

Most abrupt balls of the TOGU, LEDRAPLASTIC, REEBOK trademarks are considered. Some of them are even equipped with antiexplosive system. I do not represent how it works.

Much cheaper domestic balls. You do not seek to buy an enormous ball, the most optimum size - 60 - 70 centimeters. From larger I pound will not be any more, and in the usual small-sized apartment to place it with some difficulty.

Surely try useful zabavka . Very much it will be pleasant to the kid.