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How to help the first grader to get used to school?

your kid went to the first class, became the school student. And you are tormented by vague doubts: and suddenly will not cope, and suddenly will badly study Do not worry, of course, will cope. Only at the beginning not to do it without your help and support in any way.

To study is work too. Therefore try that the child with pleasure began the labor everyday life. Surely see off him in school even if on the way it is not necessary to cross the road and the school is almost in the yard. Such daily morning walks will help the first grader to feel all importance of the new role of the school student. He will feel your support and it will become surer. On the road it is possible to repeat the learned lessons, to take an interest what today occupations are coming the little pupil what he waits of new school day for. If necessary encourage it, adjust on a positive harmony.

Meeting from school, instead of the traditional question What today estimates? take an interest better: What new is at school? What was engaged today in? What interesting was at lessons? . Seeing that you show interest in its school affairs, the child with enthusiasm will tell about everything, than to it last day was remembered, will share the pleasures and chagrin.

You praise the newly made school student more often. Now your approval is necessary for it more than ever. To any its victories sincerely rejoice. Even if it seems to you that they are insignificant. It would seem, well, the child learned a rhyme, well, decided an example that in it it. But the fact that it seems to us an adult lung, for the child work. Therefore even its success small in your opinion all the same deserves a praise. In honor of the first received five organize a small house celebration. Let your child will feel delight from success. Show that you are proud of its achievements.

And here you should not abuse the child for failures. If he does not understand something or makes mistakes. Sit down better and quietly kindly explain everything that is unclear. Also you remember that mistakes - it is normal, in the course of training not to do without them. Never call the child the fool, the numskull, the stupid person. Similar insults will not cause anything, except uncertainty, offense and hostility to school. It is much better if you inspire in it confidence that he will cope with everything.

Make and observe a day regimen. The correct distribution of time of occupations and rest will help to avoid increased fatigue. Children at the age of 6 - 7 years have to do through everyone half an hour of occupations a break for 15 - 20 minutes. And surely include walk in a daily routine.

Organize to the child his personal workplace - a desk and couple of shelves for textbooks, notebooks and other school supplies. Take care of good lighting, it will help to avoid problems with sight.

Present that you went to study together with the child. First take seat together to do homeworks. Have patience and you sit down at lessons only in good mood. It will help you not to be irritated and not to break once again. Be gradually discharged of joint performance of lessons, provide to the first grader more and more independence. But surely control made. Do not swear, but also do not check silently. Do not criticize. If found any mistakes, inaccuracies, negligences, suggest the child to correct them. And never carry out homeworks for the young pupil. Remember that everything studies - it, but not you.

For the little school student his teacher is an authority. Respect opinion of the child on it. And never abuse and do not criticize the teacher at the pupil.

Of course, it is not easy for first grader to get used to a new life situation, but nevertheless do not exempt him from chores. Involve the child in cleaning, washing of ware etc. Only this way it will harmoniously develop.

Also you remember that, in fact, it is unimportant how the child will study. You love it not for good behavior and estimates, and just for the fact that it exists.

of Good luck to you!