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How to eat on the street in the tropical countries?

Many seek to spend the holidays in quite exotic, for example, equatorial countries, but not in Wednesday habitual to the stomach. It is possible to eat all holiday only in hotel or restaurants. But what sense to go to the country and not to try local, street cuisine? The majority is stopped by sensible reasonings on sanitation and consequences for a stomach. If to know several enough easy ways, then it will be possible to eat rather quietly on the street without prejudice to a stomach.

The author personally was in Thailand (the equatorial country, it is possible to draw analogies to the states, similar on the district) and a set of times ate not at restaurants, and near smiling street dealers of a food. Dysentery or diarrhea never was therefore can warrant for councils.

Council the first, it is the main: to drink alcohol or there is a Chile hot pepper (for Thailand it is also possible to eat durian, its truth is impossible to disturb with alcohol, it will end it is deplorable).

The matter is that both that and another disinfect. For this reason food of Thais too sharp for the European: it to avoid dysentery and similar diseases. That who cannot eat spicy food, I recommend to take alcoholic drinks. Doses are different, but 50 g of tequila (as an example) before food will be quite enough (the author with success replaced tequila with local beer).

Council of the second: under no circumstances not to take hands food.

the Tropical countries are famous for the diseases and pure river water. It is better not to risk and not to take anything hands at all. If not to do without touch in any way, then it is necessary to use special solutions or disinfecting napkins, at the same time from hands has to noticeably to breathe alcohol. Alcohol in general good obezzarazhivatel. The matter is that not everywhere it is possible to wash up hands well.

Council the third: not to drink from a wet glass.

will be is better let by it rather dirty, but dry. Water can contain pathogenic microbes, and there is no guarantee that the glass is washed in clear water.

Council the fourth: not to wash vegetables.

As it is paradoxical, but in the same Thailand vegetables in opened a look are not on sale. At everyone before reaching pulp, it is necessary to remove a peel, anyway. If you so wanted to wash up them, then it is necessary to do it by water of bottles which can be found in any shop or hotel (in general in day in hotel / hotel the limit of free water is put - more often one, two bottles of drinking water are more rare).

Council the fifth: to drink water only bottle. Sometimes himself wants to make by

tea / coffee and, without philosophizing crafty, people pour water from under the crane and boil it. It is undesirable in view of the fact that there are bacteria which survive also at 100 degrees therefore to risk the sense is not present any especially as there is free water and even if and to buy, there is it kopeks. In any case, it will cost considerably cheaper, than to correct then health.

Council of the sixth: not to guzzle.

As it is paradoxical, but diarrheas happen also from a banal gluttony. Whereas people sin on local cooks and insanitary conditions. Everything has to be moderately.

Council the seventh and the last: to take a pill for prevention.

the Coal activated and at simple reception does not harm an organism. And in case of hit of the last in unusual conditions: the food, volumes and other things accompanying rest, can give real help.

If to follow these simple receptions, then it is possible to eat quietly from trays of street messengers. However, nevertheless you should not snatch with the eyes burning for hunger on their tasty cooking. It is worth taking at first a little bit, and if

likes Pleasant to you a degustirovaniya of street dishes, and at the same time any dysentery!