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Where men live?

Generally it is not necessary to me - I am married long ago and for a long time. But the instinct

Besides, rare training does without this question, and the answer is demanded for some reason from me. Whether because I look as the successful hunter who managed to snip off an enviable trophy whether because I am a trainer, and I should know answers to all questions.

I will try not to pour water, and to make the analysis of empirically got experience.

Road. Men very much love the road. All the same what - on the dacha or in space. Picture: we go with the husband by the car, to mother to the country. Stopped. The husband - in bushes, I - legs to knead. I stand on a roadside, I pritopyvat, I admire car.

Brakes: The Girl to help you? - I with a smile: No, I have just a rest! - Let`s have a rest together? - Thanks for the offer, but I have a husband in bushes

Took fast start also left, but the second right there stopped. The third went out of the car and brought with itself(himself) the card: You will not tell how it is more convenient to pass on Cattle? . Here the husband coped and at once it was connected to examining of the card: The Man and you what, you do not think at all? Dui on main! .

Me it was awkward for roughness of the husband, I smiled and tried to soften a situation. The man quickly retired and blew on main straight on Cattle. The husband was dissatisfied - he from bushes watched all this disgrace. Apparently, in this case I was a trophy.

The railroad - the option long also promotes regard and a primerivaniye. Men look at women, women pretend that to them all the same. I will not describe the experience, not so it is harmless as previous. But if volunteered to make recommendations, I will explain. A lot of things depend on car type.

Reserved seats - students and cadets, young and vigorous. Will joke and drink beer, to play cards and to joke. Get acquainted at once - in ten minutes after departure manage to make full monitoring of fellow travelers.

Than a compartment - the choice is less, but is more solid. Generally get acquainted with the neighboring shelf, intercompartment communications happen seldom, painfully short contact of a meeting in a corridor along a route tea - a toilet . If to you carries with the fellow traveler to a compartment, then it will be not just a nature inclination, and a sincere unification - in the train people talk much, especially in the afternoon. Serious offers (in marriage or to exchange phones) become the man already on the platform, after arrival when he is convinced that nobody meets you (the grandmother is not counted).

Business - a class - solid and business. Very busy: drag with themselves laptops, clever books, call by the mobile phone at each station. Be not upset, it is protective reaction. They are the same men, as well as all other, and many of them are anxious with search of the girlfriend too, but very much they intimidated! They need to look narrowly, learn what for the person sits before them. They collect information on you: a cover of the book, a repiece, a cosmetics bag whether you wash hands before food Conversation will begin, most likely, with the book.

The road air - the plane. My God, as I do not love it! Especially, if I fly one. My uneasiness is expressed through idiotic desire to lean against somebody strong who has pair of wings, and, if something happens, to catch it. And there are such, pretend, that really inspired, and touchingly begin to look after, as the small child or the paranoid: Waters? Candy? To a window or it is better for a poseredinka? .

One elderly gentleman, seeing as thrashed me on take-off, decided to entertain jokes. He read them from the collection, deliberately loudly, laughed unnaturally, looked to me in eyes and waited for a reciprocal smile. Reached somehow imperceptibly. Even landing took place for me trouble-free, there was a sick wish to be washed away quicker! As communication on the plane is short-term, people begin to look narrowly to each other at the airport. It can be search of sympathy, and can - attempt to find the terrorist.

Dogs. Yes, yes, they - on four paws, pets as a way to get acquainted with the man. I will repeat, it is not necessary to me, but as soon as I had a boxing girl, the circle of familiar boys promptly grew up. And, on two legs too. Dog lovers get acquainted immediately. On breeds or, as a last resort, by the size of pets.

Everything is simple - the real dog will never pass without attention to a knot. It I about dogs. Oh, what beautiful girl! Look, Jack, what girl! Too it was pleasant to you? . It is unclear, at whom he looks, but in a second we already stir. I have very sociable dog, she is loved by all neighboring dogs. Probably, she somehow is like a dog sexual because each owner will not fail to tell that his boy loves only Cleopatra, does not pay attention to others.

It is no secret that owners are similar to the dogs. Or on the contrary. A generalized character of the owner of the boxer - thickset, sports type the little man leading active lifestyle, the intellectual (near will get a pit bull terrier and will walk at a playground), but with gay, kind character. Owners of Rottweilers, and we are on friendly terms with them, more seriously and more quietly too, but are also located to communication. I do not advise owners of borzois - do not keep up. Still guards me when the man walks with a poodle.

Museums. it is strange, the truth? I would not think too! There was it so: on weekday, somewhere in the middle of the week, my child overslept in school. Not seriously, all on the first lesson. And me suddenly was impatient to consider this fact from the point of view of an opportunity. Well for example, without crush and vanity to descend with the son in the museum. Chose voyenno - sea. Came almost right after opening.

And there - mother expensive! Instead of future old salts Sunday shouting, hardly learned to go or running crowds or just sympathizing - black - it is black (a form such) from wolves present, in different ranks and age. It turned out that the museums are not only a way of performance of a parental duty, but also the place scientifically - research experiences. Men go with notebooks and cameras, cadets in single file for the guide, from a shoulder strap flickers before eyes. Even the guide at a rank.

I tried not to forget why I here, and primitively began to carry out a role of the guide for my child: Look, probably ancient, rusty everything, from it shot, you represent what shells? - Well that you, it is quite modern copy, just it is lifted from the sunk boat, several years lay at the bottom. And now tools of this class are on arms. And shells over there, go, I will show you! . And in the museum there is a cafe

Driving school. I in it did not study, passed external in house conditions. Because my acquaintance is its owner. But here examinations in GAI shook to the bottom of the heart. Strange, driving school vehicles it is possible to see only women, and at examinations - entirely men. Crowds, packs, in couples and alone. The nervous situation pulls together - we have the general opponent. And we will make it!

Not at all, but at some the instinct wakes up to protect women - children - old men. For the lack of all categories women get care. I think that men, tired of emancipation, at last have an opportunity (let hypothetical) though here to be more knowing and able - it is about several tons of iron which should be operated! After successfully passed examinations there comes euphoria - we made them! - and desire of all to love. Especially for it the hours-long waiting list for registration of the driver`s license is thought up. Yes, the cafe in GAI is

Trainings too. it is modest, on the last place. But it does not mean that chances to get acquainted least of all. For me - on the contrary (unfortunately, it is not necessary to me ). The most advanced, clever, purposeful, responsible men go to study. Anyway, even if you will not find the man of the dream on training, it is worth coming here.

At least to understand why I - such beautiful, clever, educated - am still lonely? Why I sit and I suffer, or I ruin the life at work, or I communicate with unpromising, married, gigolos or alcoholics? Why not those come across? Where what lanes I go to pick up the man, similar to a virus and to be treated then many years?

Or - why I do not live as it is necessary to live free, beautiful, educated - to dance Latino or to go on kayaks, or to fly to resorts, or just to play volleyball on the local beach, or to learn language and a web - design Without obvious intention to lasso and tame, and so, on process. Activity - as a way of life, a way of receiving pleasure.

Anyway, the favorable outcome in the form of a marriage is more probable here, than a casual meeting at a refuse chute or at the grandmother at the dacha. Girls, look back, men to eat. Here they, go nearby. If make out, then smile to the first, express a look sympathy, nothing terrible from it will occur. And - successful hunting!!!

By the way, here decided repair to do. Looked for workers according to the announcement, the husband has no time to do it. Elected the master in a voice. In the evening he came to estimate work volume. Appearance corresponded to a voice. After its leaving the husband told that further negotiations will be conducted by him. Well and me it it is also not necessary