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What needs to be known at the choice of the place for a hosting of the website?

Were necessary to me at a leisure (as entertainment, so to speak) to write enormous quantity of any letters to service of technical support... one hosting - provider.

Because the website which was placed with them worked somehow... not really...

As answers of specialists of service of those. supports did not satisfy me (and the website at the same time is better to work did not become), it was necessary to read rather large number of any pages. About what is a modern hosting.

Became clear that it is the is best of all about a hosting is written on hostobzor. ru /

As is written there much, I decided to submit the small summary from what I learned there.

There is , rendering of services of a hosting - very strange occupation. It is necessary to sell what it is impossible to feel in general in general - any megabytes of memory, speed gigabits, gigahertzes of processor power well, etc...

To present measures costs all this rather not much, but what to do if clients was gathered much? To buy to each of them the powerful server? It will be too expensive. It is much more effective to use technologies of division of resources (VPS, virtualization, etc.) . Thus it turns out much cheaper. it is correct

I because why for a homepage of Vasya Pupkin (on which three persons a month come) the separate (allocated) server? everything would be good

I in this technology... if not desire of hosters to save on everything on what it is only possible.

the Hoster tells an example to

I am ready to provide you 128 MB of memory and 10% of power of the processor for 5$/month . we Will assume

that at a hoster costs 10 servers, on each of which 1Gb to memory. it is simple to

to consider that with guarantee the hoster will be able to provide the required resources to one hundred users.

But a hoster - that understands that on this one hundred websites users at the same time will not get.

And therefore it a little uses cunning also lets on these servers not of 100, but 200 websites.

I at it deal none of owners of these websites of cunning of this even will notice. Because it is valid, at the same time (i.e. in one and that is second) will come nobody to these 100 websites.

But here 100 more persons interested to place the websites come.

I should - buy a hosting to provider new servers (or to modernize existing). But it money should be spent... And there is no wish for it at all. Because not so it is possible to earn a lot of money on rendering of services of a hosting now. The competition whether you know...

And a hosting - the provider makes the decision ... to wait. When on it complaints of furious owners of the websites posypitsya. That everything slowly works.

Waits.... And there are no complaints everything and is not present....

the Hoster is surprised, begins to analyze the ravine... also understands that the most part of time of its server just stand idle.

There now somehow so turned out that on these again created websites nobody in general and wants to come.

was no time to be engaged to owners of these websites in promotion. Nobody goes there. Too, competition... And time nobody goes there, also load of servers small means.

Passes still some time . And gradually the quantity of the websites on a hosting increases. By this time owners of those, earliest websites, at last begin to be engaged promotion the websites to place on them new materials, to transfer the websites to new fashionable cursors, etc. of

I sooner or later of (and is more often - early) load of servers of provider increases to such an extent that servers really cease to cope with it.

A means it for the owner of the website, something pages of its website will be generated very long, or scripts which these pages create will just abnormally come to the end from - for a lack of memory. Both in that and in other case the user who visited the website will be dissatisfied. Will not come Well any more it, naturally, concerns only those websites which are created with use so-called cursors . Because the simple static websites anyway rather tolerably will work

I here - that owners of the websites and begin to complain a hosting - to provider... That somehow all now not so .

A a hoster responds to complaints of users

And yes it is fine. What you still want for 5 dollars a month? You want that it was normal? So you pass to the following tariff plan. For 15$/month. Your project grows, rejoice to it .

And if this hosting - the provider would be one, then and it was necessary to do nothing - only to pass - higher and higher - above - above. More expensively.

But business - that that in the market of rendering of services on a hosting the competition rather serious. And therefore, manage turn out so what to pass - that can and it is necessary... But not on other tariff plan, and to other provider. Which all - sometimes modernizes the equipment. And at which the websites with similar loadings live also for $3 a month.

Generally the competition - rulezz:-)))

Such here little amusing story.

In practice, of course, everything slightly more difficult turns out, but in general all approximately and is...

In spite of the fact that actually it is a little sad.