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How to equip the house to the Sagittarius? Well, and to all other zodiac signs of

All of us try to make the dwelling comfortable and safe, making for this purpose many efforts and spending many means. Astrologers claim that the house interacts with the resident, more precisely, with his zodiac sign. And if the person at construction and arrangement considers character of the sign, perhaps, it will allow to avoid many vital problems.

So demand signs? Naturally, everyone demands what is necessary only for it, corresponds to its character and living position. Let`s consider signs one after another. With whom we will begin? Naturally, from the Sagittarius. Why from it? Visit my personal page, and everything will become clear at once.

A Sagittarius - the vigorous sign which is not doing nothing. Therefore even not the house, but process of its construction is important for it. Its ideal of the dwelling - spacious three - the four-storeyed cottage decorated with souvenirs of distant wanderings of the owner.

The house of the Capricorn differs in simplicity. The strict sign appreciates durability and reliability. Usually he adheres to the muffled color scale. But times ultrafashionable decisions become to the Capricorn necessary.

The Aquarius - the dandy. His spacious house is stuffed with ultramodern equipment, in finishing the most modern materials are used. Beauty - here distinctive feature of his house.

Fishes are capable to adapt to any reservoir, preferring quiet and peaceful creeks. They equally will suit both white stone chambers, and the tent divided with darling. But here without what not to do is without art. Picturesque and sculptural jewelry and even excesses are very characteristic for aquariums .

The aries - the absolute master of the house. In architecture it likes non-standard decisions. The house of the Aries should not resemble one neighbour`s. Especially reverent attitude to a hall, is its ancestral lands.

My house - my fortress - with confidence the Taurus can approve any . The spacious and thorough dwelling, thick strong walls, wide window sills, the reliable and high fence fencing a big site with perfectly cultivated garden or a kitchen garden. Here the owner`s ideal - the conservative.

On the contrary, Twins prefer the easy and light dwelling. It is a lot of windows, ladders, light and a scope for numerous friends, extravagance and singularity - the attributes of the house loved by Twins.

Cancer does not look for refinement and originality. But its dwelling silent and cozy. An ideal - a small lodge on the shady small street in couple of quarters from the noisy center. The favourite room - a bathroom. Usual hygienic procedures are filled for Cancer with high sense and are perceived as clarification ritual.

The lion is the tsar. Imperial life is impossible without luxury and fun. Its dwelling spacious, from a huge drawing room. Floors - in soft carpets, on walls of work of fashionable masters of a brush.

The maiden is thrifty, rational and fairly considers that penny-wise and pound-foolish. She will prefer to expensive center the rational suburb where she on a site with a garden will build the house of expensive sound materials in which surely there will be a cellar and warehouse. Without external excesses, the house of the Maiden looks as very clean, all shines and sparkles, purity and an order - perfect.

A scorpion - the absolute owner. To with own hand created house he puts all the heart and soul. The house of the Scorpion protected by modern superreliable systems and a high fence rich and rational. The comfortable underground floor with garage, household rooms, a wine cellar and safe storage provides long autonomous existence in any situations.

There are such nuances. To consider or not to consider recommendations of astrologers a personal record. Anyway - good luck and cheerful housewarming.