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How to prepare clay solution for a furnace laying? Considering

that today it is possible to find the answer to the matter in literature, statement of such question can seem to many readers too simple. However often answers in literature are consolidated to a compounding, that is information on quantitative composition of clay and sand is given.

In this article parts as units of measure will not be applied. Mix will be adjusted to necessary properties of the prepared solution.

For a start it is necessary to stock up with initial materials and tools.

as initial materials will serve clay, water, gravel sand.

From tools will be required to us: capacity for clay soaking, capacity for stirring (washing away) of clay, capacity for solution mixing, a sieve for sifting of gravel sand with a size of the parties of a cell of 5 mm, a trowel, a shovel, a bucket, a scoop.

We will begin process with clay preparation. It is desirable to have clay with the smallest number of foreign inclusions like sand, stones, branches, etc. Clay has to be plastic. The plasticity of clay is higher, the it is more qualitative. Plasticity can be checked, rolling clay in palms as we check plasticine at a molding. I think that all are familiar with plasticine.

The prepared clay needs to be wetted in in advance prepared capacity. In the course of soaking the clay which is filled in with water needs to be mixed periodically carefully, without allowing it to slezhatsya. When clay is well soaked, it will turn into very dense weight like the test but containing clay clots. These clots - inevitability when soaking.

When clay becomes wet, it is necessary to be engaged in preparation of gravel sand. Gravel mix with the help of a shovel is sifted through a sieve. The sifted small fraction of gravel mix is also gravel sand which is useful for mix preparation. The large fraction with stones for preparation of solution is not necessary therefore it is put aside and use for other economic needs.

It is natural if there is no water supply system nearby, then it is necessary to stock up also with water.

Three the main components are prepared. Now it is possible to start mix preparation. At the first stage it is necessary to make purification of clay of foreign inclusions. I apply two ways to purification of clay. The first - wiping of clay through a sieve by means of a trowel. The way is very labor-consuming. The second - clay washing away. If it does not make sense to describe the first way from - for its simplicity, then we will dwell upon the second.

Capacity like an oblong and rather narrow trough is necessary for washing away of clay. For example, 40100 cm. The trough is established with a small inclination about two - five degrees. By means of a scoop or a shovel stack the soaked clay on the towering part of a bottom of a trough. Then in a trough pour in a small amount of water, less than a half of volume of the clay which is in a trough. After that the filled-in water with a shovel is pushed on clay. Flowing down from clay under a bias, water carries away with itself clay particles. Thus, with each push it will mix up with clay and to become more dense. When clay solution with water reaches a consistence of dense sour cream, it by means of a scoop needs to be poured in capacity for solution mixing. At transfusion do not try to take water solution of clay from a trough bottom. There can be settled pebbles. Do not fill with this solution capacity for mixing more, than on a quarter. We leave the place for introduction of gravel sand.

As soon as filled with necessary amount of water solution of clay capacity for mixing, we begin to enter gravel sand into this solution. Sand is entered by small parts with a tshchatelnymperemeshivaniye and simultaneous quality check of mix. I determine quality by two properties.

The first property - sufficiency of density of mix. Mix should not spread. If a trowel to make a flute in mix, then it should not float.

the Second property - sufficiency of a gluten of mix. Mix should not stick to a trowel. At sharp dumping of solution from a trowel it has to separate without the rest. The limit of property of solution between not separation from a trowel and the beginning of pure office is necessary quality of a gluten of solution.

Manipulating quantities of components, solution of clay is brought to performance of these two properties. It is possible to begin with such solution an oven laying.

Advantage of this method of mixing in relation to mixing of in advance defined quantitative parts of components is that, without regard to quality of purity of clay (fat content, sand impurity), necessary quality of mix is reached.

Progress to you in dirty, but the necessary business!