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Whether it is necessary to report about the seen crime?

By the western estimates we not only become the most rough people but also indifferent to foreign misfortune corrupted and envious. Here present to

: you come back in the evening from work, and suddenly from park calls for help reach.

You have 4 options:

1) to pass by, having thought that it not your business and that surely somebody will help the victim;

2) to call militia, and most to go further;

3) to come to the rescue of the victim, having taught a good lesson drunk offenders;

4) to approach closer, to learn in what business and when will politely ask not to disturb - you will become quick-witted and will not acquire to yourself excess problems.

The majority of us not only will not come to the rescue, I am sure, will not even cause militia. Because we are a population of the country which, as any another, got used to violence, to the rough and rigid relation. Each of us perfectly knows since the childhood: it is necessary to be afraid not only criminals, but also police officers. If you the involuntary witness - in office surely ask to forget you everything that you saw and concerning what would like to give evidences. If you suspect or (God forbid!) the defendant - you will surely beat, violate various procedural laws, to treat, as an animal... All these installations strongly sit in the head of people. In our society nobody needs others problems. The only thing that people most often do in such cases - quicken the pace, or lie that did not notice the crime committed at them in the eyes and with quiet conscience, with hare soul come back home.

We will consider pluses and minuses denunciation :

+ it is your civic duty;

+ you help those law-enforcement and government institutions; + you can give

valuable information as a result of which guilty persons will bear the responsibility provided by the law;

- you will be asked about source familiarity;

- you can become unnecessary witness ;

- at establishment of your personality can open the unpleasant facts and details;

- your information can not accept.

We are afraid to inform government bodies. I think, we wait for payment. From the authorities, officials to whom our indications and the office investigations begun on their basis will be objectionable; criminal leaders whose you will steal a march... You never know still what...

From Soviet period all remember the slogan: To Stir - to help the enemy . But, if to understand in essence, then it is necessary to find out who actually is enemy . Term denunciation is associated at most of the population with something negative, come from Stalin times, with snitching etc. From - for incorrect strong rooting of this concept of the heads of the people it is a shame to us to point directly to an offense, to assert the rights, to write the complaint, to defend other person, to support the indications in court. But if we in everything seek to be guided by the West, so let`s adopt at them and an instinct of self-preservation, aspirations of restoration of justice and punishment of the offender.

I repeat - interaction is necessary, and it, as we know, is born from two counter actions, one of which have to make you, and another - the state in the person of his representatives. The last has to realize need of use of various legal and social levers for establishment of contacts with the citizens. So, for example, at the legislative level are already adopted the Federal law About the state protection of the victims, witnesses and other participants of criminal legal proceedings norms Criminally - the procedural code, though to a lesser extent, but also pointing to the main guarantees provided by the state to witnesses and to informants .

The main thing that it is necessary to show to law enforcement agencies - your interest, readiness to share invaluable certificates, the facts, to help them with their hard work, to be attracted to destiny of foreign person. It will become possible, then, more effective work of militia, will become less wood-grouses and people will believe in the state protection and support.