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Why nearly half a century worked on the trilogy about Chonkine Vladimir Voynovich?

on September 21 (according to other data on September 26) are 75 years since the birth of Vladimir Voynovich. It was born in the city of Stalinobada (nowadays - Dushanbe) in a family of the journalist and teacher of mathematics.

When the boy was 4 years old, his father Nikolay Voynovich was called on military collecting where he during ordinary tea drinking in conversation with the colleague dropped a hint of doubt that socialism can be constructed in one separately taken country. One of participants of conversation informed in bodies the father was arrested, and only small mitigation of customs after Ezhov`s arrest rescued the father from execution. But five years prior to the beginning of the Great Patriotic War he all - stayed.

And on their small family hung up a label - a family of the enemy of the people. With all that it implies. It was necessary to leave Leninabad. As soon as the father was let out in May, 1941, Voynovichi went to a residence to Zaporizhia. From there were evacuated right after Hitlerites approached the city. Then moved to Stavropol Krai, from there to the Kuibyshev area, then in Vologda. After war returned to Zaporizhia.

Vladimir had the same childhood, as well as at other his peers. What it was only not necessary to be engaged in. Once it was asked: whether the service helped with army to the fact that was born Chonkine? And he answered so: everything helped. And service, and what in the childhood of calfs collective-farm grazed, and work as the instructor of a rural district committee after service in army. And in general any work as a nested doll, consists of different levels. And of them there is the general level.

On the other hand when Chonkine was still in the " project; Voynovich hardly thought that to this lop-eared Red Army man such long life is prepared. And the story " became its first test of writing of prose (before Vladimir wrote verses); We live " here; which it brought in the " magazine; New world . The beginning author was so persistent that literally forced the editor Anna Samoylovna Berzer to read at least the first 10 pages. And in three days to Voynovich the telegram came: Urgently come into the " magazine; New world . It appeared, the story was read by all editorial board. It was printed in the next issue of the magazine (No. 1 for 1961).

By the time of writing Chonkina Vladimir Voynovich was already familiar with the " editor; New world Alexander Tvardovsky. That is why he laid great hopes on the fact that the author Vasily Tyorkin as the fan of irony and humour, will value the story according to the merits. But not here - that was! Tvardovsky`s reaction was opposite: It is ungifted, stupid and uningenious . At which of the beginning writers hands will not fall after it? Especially as also following work of Voynovich By mutual correspondence which Vladimir Nikolaevich still considers as one of masterpieces short prose Alexander Trifonovich called hack-work

Why main character Chonkina Voynovich chose the soldier serving in voyenno - air forces? The solution is simple. Voynovich himself spent several years of conscription service to the Air Force. As, however, and author of these lines. Long since in ours troops the introduction reigned: While God created discipline on the earth, the aircraft was in " air;. We, 18 - summer boys, awfully were proud of it, as well as the fact that after each divorce on a parade-ground we left a ceremonial step under sounds of the march blown by pipes of a military orchestra: We are given birth that to make the fairy tale bylyyu! . It to you not the mother - infantry, artillery or some tank troops

When you leaf through the last page of the fascinating story, at once there is a question: And further? Where continuation? . Something similar numerous readers, for the first time " thought; swallowed Chonkina. But Voynovich who is carried away by new creative plans postponed continuation of the second part for many years. And only at the end of 70 - x years solved to add continuation.

By then in life of the writer there were considerable changes. Since 1968 for human rights activity and the impartial image of the Soviet reality in the novel Life and extraordinary adventures of the soldier Ivan Chonkin it was exposed to prosecutions, in 1974 was excluded from members of the Writers` Union of the USSR. Everything ended with the fact that Voynovich was forced to go to Germany, and in 1981 is deprived by Leonid Ilyich Brezhnev`s decree of the Soviet nationality. By the way, exactly abroad Chonkine for the first time was issued. As well as books By mutual correspondence Ivankiada " Cap; Moscow 2042 Anti-Soviet Soviet Union .

And the day before 75 - the anniversaries Vladimir Voynovich shared joyful news with the readers. To anniversary it will let out the third part of the novel about extraordinary adventures of Ivan Chonkin. For the most curious he reported that action of the third novel happens between 1941 and 1991. The main character gets to Germany, then in the status displaced person in the USA where becomes the farmer. His faithful companion Nyurka will arrive to it there on a visit, and then will return to the collective farm. Also will receive parcels from the USA. To Russia Chonkine will return to Gorbachev`s times. However, to retell the novel - a waste of time. It is better to read it. Especially, according to Voynovich who lives in Moscow area now, the third part was obviously successful the hero of the anniversary did not raise

At the fourth part yet. But still, as they say, not evening. As there in a proverb: There Will be bread, there will be also a song ...