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Shops. How we are deceived?

All of us go to shops: small and big, grocery and not only, but in all of us deceive almost equally. How?

1. Double label. On packings of products of household chemicals expired new labels with later term of production, and, therefore, with additional period of storage quite often paste. Happens that the new label is pasted directly atop by old. If you bought such product, and you had check, safely carry him in shop. Are obliged to return you money or to replace goods on new, appropriate quality.

2. Double price. In big self-service shops goods cost on a counter and on cash desk often differs. Explain it with the fact that price tags do not manage to bring into accord with goods according to the consignment note. This violation! The buyer has the right to receive goods at that price which on it is written.

3. Doubling of goods. At large volume of purchase often cashiers punch the same goods, as a rule, imperceptible in lump, several times. Therefore it is worth checking checks, without departing from cash desk, and in case of detection superfluous names to demand to return money or to completely provide the paid goods.

4. Discounts. Establishing certain discounts for any group of goods, shops often just hang up the colourful label reporting about the beginning of an action, but the price and remain the same. Sometimes one week prior to the announcement of an action of the price sharply fly up up, and then become former, for the account discounts . Sometimes just price tags change - to them allegedly old high price is finished.

5. Purchase + gift. the Actions promising additional gifts, bonuses or an opportunity to participate in draw of prizes is most often too deception. Gifts, prizes and bonuses are already included purchases in the price and cover cost of shop for their carrying out.

6. Food.

it is the simplest to b to deceive the trustful buyer Here. I will begin with the fact that fresh sour-milk and bakery products on shelves of shop have at a distant wall, exposing the goods which forward are earlier delivered, but not sold yet. The fruit and vegetables packed and weighed in advance usually weigh less than the specified weight, and are more expensive. Therefore in each shop there have to be control scales by means of which each buyer can independently weigh purchase. Also impaired a little food pack into a food foil, masking defects bright stickers.

Summing up the result, I can tell that it is difficult to fight against a similar cheating, but it is possible. Be vigilant, dear buyers!