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When you have color dreams?

Having woken up in the morning, we is not free we begin to remember plots of our dreams., It seems, as anything unusual. But suddenly the colourful picture emerges, and we understand that we had a color dream. Why we have dreams, colourful in own way to contents? The definite answer to this question still does not exist. But we will try to understand and dispel myths around color dreams.

Myth the first. the Incorrect statement of those people who consider that they see only is black - white dreams. It is considered that all have color dreams. And the saturation of paints corresponds to force of an emotional condition of the person. The people not subject to emotional experience are content is black - the white picture.

Myth of the second. the people having mental disorders have Color dreams. Doctors in Soviet period came to such conclusion. This stereotype probably was finally fixed in our subconsciousness. But this wrong judgment and result of small research in the field of a dream. Now it is possible to refute safely the theory of a mental deviation of the people having color dreams.

From what colors in a dream are most saturated, force of an emotional pressure of the person depends. It is no secret that red tone of paints mean an aggressive state, and brown promote reduction of force of excitement. Disclosure of all scale of paints of a color dream will give a full picture of an emotional condition of the person.

The vicious circle turns out. In both cases we come back to emotions, experiences which got to us of the spent everyday life. You want to order a color dream? Then sate the life with emotions which will be embodied in a color spectrum of your dreams. It is not an appeal, but the peculiar conclusion drawn by me.

But there is one more party of color dreams which discloses our creative potentials. People, whose occupation is connected with creative manifestations, most often observe color dreams. For example, artists draw the remarkable pictures during dreams. And after viewing of a color dream, embody a picture in a real situation. Besides they can still and make color scales. The most successful combinations, are also looked through in the created pictures.

People who are engaged in creation of original works thanks to the creative nature, could not achieve success if they did not give in to emotional splashes. Works would be boring and monotonous. On the example of artists, it is possible to claim safely that color dreams help the person to create the colourful masterpiece supported with emotional experiences.

And still various reflections, in each case come back to our emotions. Emotions is the main link which connects us with the world of colourful dreams. Giving in to emotions in hours of wakefulness, people to himself creates color scale of future dream. Only pleasant emotional experiences will help to create a dream unforgettable and sated with all bouquets of paints. Then the person can safely realize the creative works!