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Why and how it is necessary to love children?

of the Children need to be loved, and this love has to be unconditional. The children deprived of parental love in adulthood face big problems. It is difficult for them to come into contacts with surrounding people, they are subject to stresses to a large extent, they have an increased uneasiness level.

And to it there is a scientific explanation. Under the influence of parental love at children development so-called " amplifies; attachment hormones . At nedolyublenny in the childhood of children the level of these hormones is much lower.

How to transfer to the kid the love? Very simply! Talk to it more often even if he cannot answer you yet, tenderly embrace him and kiss. On it the psychotherapeutic technique developed by the famous children`s psychiatrist, professor B. Z. Drapkin is constructed. She is fulfilled, patented and recognized by the All-Russian society of children`s psychiatrists.

The key place in a technique is taken by a mother`s voice. It has huge value for the kid. The child begins to hear it from fifth month of pre-natal life. Having been born, he recognizes him, emotionally reacts, distinguishes intonations.

If mother becomes angry about the kid, abuses him, is often irritated, the child is programmed on failures and diseases. To the contrary, if this voice constantly approves, supports, gives installation for luck and health, then all psychoemotional processes return to normal.

According to the author of a technique, the mother`s love is capable of a lot of things. It can relieve the kid of fears, sleeplessness, stutter and other nervous violations. It can help the child to cope even with the most dangerous illness.

The technique consists in pronouncing the certain phrases united in blocks. The developer of a technique strongly recommends not to change these phrases and to say them in that sequence in which they are constructed.

1 - y the block - vitamin of maternal love . By means of these words mother pours out the love on the child.

I you it is very strong - strongly I love. You the most expensive and native that I have. You are my native part, a native krovinushka. I without you cannot live. I and the father very strongly we love you .

2 - oh the block - installation on physical health.

You are a strong, healthy, beautiful child, my boy (girl). You well eat and therefore quickly you grow and develop. At you a strong, healthy heart, a breast, a tummy. You easily and beautifully move. You tempered, seldom and you are ill " a little;.

3 - y the block - installation on normal mental development.

You are a quiet boy (girl). You have good strong nerves. You are patient, you kind, you are sociable. You are clever. At you the head well develops. You well understand everything and remember. You have always a good mood, and you like to smile. You well sleep. You easily and quickly fall asleep, you have only good and kind dreams. You have well a rest when you sleep. At you well and quickly the speech " develops;.

4 - y the block reflects popular wisdom. Since ancient times mother took the sick child and, pressing to herself, spoke: Give me the illness .

I take away and I throw out your illness and your problems (specific problems of the child are called). I take away and I throw out your bad dream (if the child sleeps badly). I take away and I throw out your bad dreams. I take away and I throw out your tearfulness. I take away and I throw out your dislike for food. I very much - very strongly love you .

It is necessary to say phrases when the child sleeps. He will perfectly remember that was told by mother at night. So, in 20 - 30 minutes after the kid fell asleep, you sit down to his bed with the text in hands, and read each phrase three times: at first mentally about itself, then mentally - addressing the child, then aloud. Do this every day: one or two months, depending on a condition of the child.

you Tell these words to your with pleasure sleeping children, and they will surely grow up healthy, clever and happy.