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Whether it is worth bleaching teeth?

From billboards, television screens and pages of glossy magazines the vigorous smiling beauties and machoes exhaling confidence showing equal snow-white teeth look at us. The shine of your smile provided with works known rezinovo - chewing corporation, will be visible even from space, all-knowing advertizing claims.

Teeth have to be white, is more white, is even more white! Respectively, under this task various pastes, elixirs and chewing gums are offered. Buy and shine!

You are not concerned by purse thickness? However, what you will not make for the sake of health. The snow-white smile is a healthy appearance. But what is a look? Efforts of Hollywood and advertizing snow-white teeth firmly are associated with health. And actually? Natural color of teeth - not ideal white.

Acid often is a part of the bleaching elixirs. It not only washes away a raid, but also extends from enamel natural pigment. As a result enamel becomes friable, porous and fragile.

Danger of diseases increases. Besides, such bleaching is simply impractical from the point of view of firmness of result. If enamel porous, so the dyes which are contained in tea to coffee and any ferriferous food are easily absorbed by it. And white color which so long tried to obtain will disappear again. Process will continue until enamel completely is not restored. Sisyphean task if only not to consider decrease in protective properties of enamel.

The bleaching toothpaste will not give lasting effect too. And if it contains chalk or other abrasives in the structure, then can do considerable harm. Abrasive substances scratch enamel, the areas difficult available to a toothbrush are as a result formed. Bacteria if could have feelings, would be very grateful to you. Having taken refuge in scratches, they quickly breed after toothbrushing and easily restore the numerical structure. And it means that to caries - no distance.

The only useful and safe method of bleaching - visit of the stomatologist. But do not wait for an ideal whiteness. Removal of a scale, cleaning and polishing are capable to return natural color of teeth, but not to make them unnaturally white.

By the way, the campaign to the stomatologist not only will make teeth is lighter, but also will help to improve protection against caries. The matter is that polishing eliminates all roughnesses, scratches and microcracks which are inevitably arising from difference of temperatures. For example, ice cream after hot coffee - an ideal case for formation of microcracks. Having eliminated them, we eliminate places of a congestion of bacteria, i.e. places of possible emergence of the centers of caries.

In house conditions, for maintenance of natural (not ideally white) color tablets for removal of a raid will help. Look in drugstores. It is not necessary to accept in them. It is enough to chew a tablet in a mouth, and places, pruinose, will gain well noticeable red color. Further - the trick, toothpaste and a brush will help to get rid of a raid that will provide ideal purity of teeth.

If the whiteness of teeth is necessary for achievement of some career boundaries, it is worth thinking well whether will replace the subdued heights the lost health. In all other cases I can advise only one: be natural, the nature - the best artist.