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As today the author electronic " lives; emoticons ?

are on September 20 exactly 25 years from that day when in one of letters Scott Felman (or Falman, everything depends on the translation), the senior research associate of faculty of informatics of university Carnegie - Mellon, suggested the companion to use certain badges which can disclose emotions more stoutly at an exchange of letters. They were called emoticons and to us they are better known according to the second name - smilies . Scott suggested to take as a basis already known by then, thanks to Harvey Bella, the cheerful attractive face consisting of two points - an eye and smiles (in more detail about the first drawn smilie read on our website in Larisa Shvydun`s material Who thought up a smilie and when it is necessary to smile? of October 1 this year) .

The most interesting that when Scott suggested to enter smilies, this idea, as they say, hung in death silence. You think, someone grasped it? As if not so - all were busy with the affairs and turned to Felman`s proposal a deaf ear. And only many years later, in 2002, the Systems and Networking Research Group research group from Microsoft corporation decided to find for the first manifestation of emotions on the Internet, and these searches were crowned with success. By the way, they lasted, neither more nor less, a little more than half a year. Mike Jones who found it managed to find the first smilie, sifting contents of electronic bulletin boards of University of Carnegie - Mellon from 1981 for 1983. Of September 20, 1982 it found sequence of " symbols in one of messages;:-) which now we call a smilie. By the way, as Jones claims, it was necessary to look for the first emoticon to him so long because he definitely did not remember where he for the first time got acquainted with it, but it had strong belief that it is necessary to look for at university of Kargnegi - Mellon.

Found for Scott Felman at the same university, reaped it calloused the hand was also congratulated on the fact that he was a pioneer in short expression of positive and negative emotions. And further, as it often happens in America, the national glory fell upon Felman. What he from it took? First of all, achieved the dream: Stephenson who, as ill-luck would have it, having learned that before him the author " met the favourite writer Neil; emoticons fell upon Scott with the whole stream of criticism. Like, I gathered " for a long time; to pull out hands to the one who thought up it!

But, having got acquainted closer, two extraordinary persons, as usual, made friends. And Neil changed the point of view for a long time, supporting the more young friend in everything. But following devourer of nerves there was a popular leader of one of TV channels Penn Gillette. And he never felt sorry for figurative comparisons to smear on asphalt of those who are committed to similar designation of own emotions. What is only costed by such expression: Emoticons people who put circles instead of points over a letter i and who should wash out eyes liquid for a clearing of the pipes " use;.

It is necessary to tell at least a little about Felman`s identity. Scott was born in Pittsburgh. Graduated from the Massachusetts institute of technologies, was engaged in laboratory of artificial intelligence. Since 1978 the employee of office of researches of computer technologies of Pittsburg university Carnegie - Mellon in whom worked nearly 20 years. Then became the expert in computer technologies of the IBM company. Researches in the field of artificial intelligence and programming languages. Professor, employee of many non-profit organizations. Actively cooperates with newspapers and magazines.

By the way when leisure journalists opened for themselves Felman, one of the first and typically American questions to it became such: How many you earned from it money? . In reply to Scott smiles broadly: I earned Nothing from it and never even tried. It is my small gift to the whole world .

The temptation was big to note 25 - the anniversary of an emoticon the organization of a certain symposium with the invitation on it of specialists in establishing interaction by means of electronic means of communication, on semiotics, on stories of systems of record. But as Felman - " admitted; I did not want to spend the time for the organization of this action. Today I try to concentrate completely on researches in the field of artificial intelligence . But a friendly sit-round gathering with colleagues with eating of cakes in the form of smilies surely will be.

And we have an opportunity to celebrate this holiday. For this purpose it is enough to buy usual cake, and by means of the confectionery syringe to draw two points of eyes and a cheerful smile. But the main thing that the smile appeared not by means of an unpretentious combination :-) on cake or the computer monitor, and accompanied you on life. With it any barriers at all.