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How to go to holiday without excess damage to nerves and a purse?

Traditionally are considered summer a holiday time. What is quite clear and justified. Eventually, there will be not so many people who prefer all month will fail on a sofa, or to spend time in winter mountains or forest sanatoria. And though the most part of a season already behind, still remained many warm weeks during which it is possible to go to sea coast. But that travel remained in memory only joyful pictures, it is necessary to be prepared for it carefully.

the Road solitaire

So, the administration at last agreed to lose your presence at work within a month, necessary documents are signed, the accounts department counts the sum of a vacation pay, and came it is time to be defined - where we will go. If to you to horror these cedars, pines and lakes, that time bothered to pay attention to the southern or east coasts of Russia.

Rest is possible by three options:

- you ask acquaintances or relatives to let you on a billeting;

- you acquire the permit in some sanatorium, a health resort or you reserve hotel;

- you go the savage and you settle on the place or in a camping, or you remove housing at local population.

Practice shows that most optimum to find in the place of alleged rest the grandmother, the aunt, the mother-in-law, the sister, well and so on according to the list, say, the native person. So you receive rolled into one the guide on local sights, free accommodation and ready breakfasts at once - lunches - dinners. But, alas, such luck traps not always.

Sanatoria and hotels are besides good the fact that they will care for you there, but the sums which are requested by them for service, often reach the astronomical sizes.

And, at last, third opportunity - to travel at own risk. Of course, in any resort as soon as you descends on the platform or go down from a plane ladder, the crowd of the locals wishing to make happy you with a bed in a hostel, a room or even a separate lodge and at quite similar price right there will run up to you. However you do not hurry to agree to the offer. Because the advertized separate living space quite can be transformed to a hen house full of holes, and ten meters to the sea will be distance to oil processing bases. The real distance to the beach will make not one ten kilometers.

Best of all, in anticipation of travel to rummage on the websites of that region or city where you decided to go. Talk to local people, read responses. So, you though will a little make an overall picture of stay in the city. It is not excluded that directly on the Internet you will find people who will agree to let you on a billeting so after arrival it will not be necessary to rush about in search of housing.

Citizen, your ticket! to

It is clear that, having decided to go to a way, tickets on there you stocked up. However will be not superfluous to attend at once and to travel documents on a way back. Consider, you not the only person interested to have a rest on the sea coast and to buy tickets on the place a difficult problem. To lose precious holiday days in turns - not the most interesting occupation. Besides without guarantee that treasured kvitochek to you nevertheless will get.

But even if you also got a talonchik on journey or flight, be convinced that everything is filled correctly, flight is correct and in the marked day departure precisely will take place. Happens so that the ticket is sold, and the train this day does not go. Money for tickets can return to you only through that cash desk where you acquired the document. So that it is better to bring to white heat the dispatcher the questions, but to precisely be convinced that in the day specified on the ticket and really there is a train or the plane flies.

the Coachman, do not drive horses …

But by no means not always to you will have enough to reach or reach directly from your city the planned point. Mostly it is necessary to reach with changes. At the same time quite often there is a need to reach from the airport to the railway station or with the station to get over to long-distance buses. And here go the local carriers using a stalemate to which holiday-makers get into action inflate the prices of transportation to unimaginable limits.

Meanwhile, whatever one may do, it is necessary to reach nevertheless. But here it is possible to include sharpness. You come in the first comer a trade pavilyonchik and you ask the seller - when on what and for how many it is the best of all to reach to the right place. Never saw that locals refused to inform. Mainly they sympathize with visitors and in details tell easy and cheap ways of movement on the city. Besides in help service 09 always there are phones of dispatching local taxi in which prices 10 times less than directly at the station.

In a word, to organize to itself good rest quite easily, it is only necessary to attach a little imagination, everyday sharpness and goodwill. And the happy way will surely wait for you!