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How it is correct to change mood by means of music? -legged or even almost all noticed

M how listening of music surprisingly influences our mood, consciousness, working capacity. We put favourite music to cheer up before appearance at work, to create playfully - adventure mood before a campaign on a disco, to behave in a tone during sports activities or active recreation, to calm ourselves before going to bed, during meditations. All of us are the best psychologists for ourselves, and as for music, always we know what would sound best of all under our mood at the moment. There is no wish for It, and it too, and this just right .

E shche since small years I liked to read and listen to various songs, and I read much. And when, in the most exceptional cases, songs did not suit my mood, I just switched to the following song. No, the song was not bad, just it did not coincide with actions in my imagination. I at that time liked to become engrossed in reading of a fantasy where the main characters battled, loved, suffered, won, tried to obtain, and to all this as at cinema, music was required. I liked to read books thus.

In a current of several years of close communication with the diverse music (working as the seller in musical shop) I noticed that happens, I incorrectly listen to music. More precisely when I experienced bright emotions, be it grief or enthusiasm, I put the compositions corresponding to mood, and they strengthened even more that state in which I stayed. The grief turned into the melancholy, enthusiasm and enthusiasm which are urged forward by vigorous music, gradually died away, and the condition of fatigue appeared. Later I began to be fond of psychology, became more attentive to listen to itself, to the state, and began to draw already consciously conclusions from experiments with music and our consciousness.

I will tell how specially picked up music can help with improvement of mood and saturation by world paints when it is sad, and there is a wish to rejoice and please others.


I so, you sadly, maybe, even want to cry, on any of the reasons. I have nothing against good to pogrustit - with pleasure to swim for a while in Lake of grief but you want to pass somewhat quicker into easier state, than grief, there, where everything becomes easily, easy, the sun and heat shines. Often we put sad music which aggravates our mood even more or on the contrary - we cut active music with which we connected positive memoirs and emotions. And often it helps, but there is one BUT. Such music for your state - a peculiar shock, a shake-up as a cold shower on not prepared body. Encourages, but after a while begins to tire and, on the contrary, to oppress your state. But memories that music invigorated remained, and we do or are louder, or we put more active music. But, alas, as result the angry neighbors demanding to make come is more silent, or even more devastated state in us.

Stage first Fine tuning

B than a mistake what was wrong? In psychology there is a definition of one action - Fine tuning . That with the necessary person to find a common language, it is necessary to it to adapt that is to be somehow on it similar, for example: pose, some gestures, speech manner etc. I noticed that in music there are same nuances. In an example with grief we need to interweave music into our mood that it harmoniously sounded with our consciousness at first. It has to be the sad or quiet melody which is conformable to us. The following song can be slightly - is faster or positive, than the first, there should not be sharp differences. And following song still easier but nevertheless not to remain in a sad key. And thus it is possible, smoothly reducing intensity of grief in compositions, to reach the most cheerful and active melodies which will please and invigorate you.

Stage second Game on contrast this stage can be dissolved by

B in impetuous streams of energy, happiness and joy which is brought by music, it is simple to enjoy life.

the Fine element in your euphoria from music will become here that: you will put some song which is beaten out from the general style, for example, cheerful composition from absolutely other genre from time to time - listening to vigorous electronic compositions, to insert into turn something from Kusturica or fate - N - a beater. The main thing that the composition considerably differed from the general orientation.

to an akzha should not forget t that the organism is tired of constant musical loading, and it is necessary to give it rest, listening to quiet, melodious compositions.

In y, probably, noticed that it is impossible to do clear-out in the apartment under fast, active or monophonic music all the time (of course if cleaning does not take 15 minutes). Music begins to irritate, the organism and a body to be tired even more. Let`s have a rest to itself, choosing also quiet songs.

Stage third Smooth exit

P ezko should not tear off listening of music. That energy which you made active which rages in you as water will go to sand if you in such state go outside, call the colleague from work or to the friend, but you will not be able to keep stability in yourself. There are a lot of people for whom your energy is simply necessary. The aunt in the bus will shout, sad, tired

people in the subway, the hurrying motorists. When people long, are angry or flat-out that, unfortunately not the rarity in the city, is necessary for them energy with which you went outside or undertake phone tube. It is fine when you want to share heat, love and energy with others, this finest when there are forces and an opportunity to give these remarkable feelings to people around. And in exchange to receive a sincere official message of thanks and heat. Thereby being filled still with great opportunities to give.

I consider, to it it is necessary to seek - to be harmonious with itself and the world.

I , coming back to music, I advise to leave a condition of vigor and the drive gradually, listening to quieter and pacified compositions. Not sad, not sad, namely quiet and pacified. Thereby restoring harmony and tranquility in itself.