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Who such Sven Fischer?

Each of us who at least once, having turned on the TV, got on broadcast of any man`s biathlon race had an opportunity to see this athlete.

It possesses very sonorous and a little terrible name - Sven Fischer. Really, it is extraordinary strong, strong-willed and purposeful person in sport, and not less compliant in usual life. Externally it very lovely and charming, always friendly and good-natured.

its presence at the three of leaders of the overall ranking of the World Cup always gave to competition a certain special charm. But this year Sven Fischer finished the career of the biathlonist.

Sven Fischer is not just separate page of biathlon, and the whole volume. You will not confuse it with other athlete - it is original and unique. The special design of a lock of a rifle defining a non-standard way of a recharge of the weapon during firing, a design of ski sticks, unusual, but convenient for it, - all this draws attention, allocates and externally distinguishes it from most of athletes.

At the same time Sven is quite unpretentious to weather conditions - in any frost he competes without gloves, does not use the points and any other excess devices protecting from snow and wind. Its graceful and sure ski equipment gives sheer esthetic pleasure to judges of biathlon. It there cannot begin to be unnoticed.

Despite physical power, he never relied only on speed. Sven Fischer - a classical example of what has to be the real balanced biathlonist. Hardworking, on - sports rested.

One amusing detail steadily was evident: Fischer acted on skis of a name of - Fischer. And meanwhile, not it founded this firm. And skis in honor of himself he did not call too. And it is difficult to present it. The natural modesty never it would allow it.

In sport such phenomenon when the leading athletes have not only admirers, but also ill-wishers quite often meets. At least, some people absolutely definitely rejoice to failures of leaders. It is difficult to imagine that someone purposefully was ill against Fischer. Sven cannot just cause negative emotions or antipathy.

It is difficult to imagine modern biathlon without it. Sven Fischer throughout many seasons was in elite of world biathlon that demonstrates its enormous professional progress. To it listen, respect him and love. And not only in the homeland. And unless not it is an indicator of original success for the athlete!.

Sven Fischer on a home straight was ahead of the immemorial rival in the last race of the World Cup which took place in March of this year in the Khanty - Mansiysk to Ullah of Aynar Bjoerndalen. And though fight then went for the third place, Fischer put the end to the career of the biathlonist fat. Its official farewell race took place on September 15 in the German Oberkhof and brought together 8 thousand viewers. 14 years of outstanding sports career are finished.

36 - the summer athlete during this time managed to win 34 races at the World Cup stages, was a winner of the overall ranking twice (and respectively, the owner of the World Cup), is an owner of seven gold medals of the World Cup and 4 - the multiple Olympic champion.