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How optimum to adjust a PDA with Windows Mobile?

So, you bought the handheld with Windows Mobile OS, long-awaited purchase from you in hands. Having played for about a week, you learned to use the PDA main functions. A week more, and the PDA in your hands became the working tool, and here you notice that the handheld is not so convenient as it seemed in the beginning. There are not enough some appendices, others are insufficiently convenient and the standard interface already rather bothered, but, as they say, from any situation there is exit. Name to this exit Internet .

You, probably, noticed that it is much more pleasant to use beautiful things therefore first of all we will adjust appearance of a cover of Windows (it is necessary to tell that all subsequent councils will be for this software product). On a desktop you notice the inscriptions preventing to consider drawing under them (entering a calendar, tasks), it should be corrected! However, and drawing does not need to be replaced. Consistently we press the buttons: Start-up> Settings> Personal> Today, opens a window, here you can choose a subject, put the picture on a desktop, and the most important - to clean the bothered inscriptions.

You still do not accept a type of a desktop? Not a problem, we download two WisBar Advance programs (changes panels) and of WisBar Desktop (takes out additional functions on a desktop). After installation and setting up programs we swing subjects. So, you estimated all happened changes: undoubtedly beautifully, but it is still insufficiently functional. We delete or disconnect WisBar Desktop and we establish of iLauncher or of Spb Pocket Plus . Long we rummage in settings, and here on our desktop those icons and indicators which are necessary to us lie. By default icons settle down in the top part of the screen to displace them down, it is possible to install the Spacer program .

I think, the first that you made on a PDA, pictures got to watch it, and to do it much more conveniently than of Resco Photo Viewer . I will not tell that this program the best, but its simplicity and functionality are indisputable. Among additional functions of a viewer there is a slideshow, support of MPEG, the built-in camera, the editor of a photo, replacement of wall-paper on a desktop, etc. It is worth noticing that is more convenient to edit a photo of Pocket Painter (analog of Paint).

Many use the handheld as means of entertainment, on it it is worth stopping separately. Quite often when viewing video on a PDA there are problems: format not that, bitrate not that, still something. Stabler player than of TCPMP were not invented yet, reads a set of formats of video and audio, has a large number of settings, in too time it is simple and functional. For listening of music I advise of Pocket Music (analog of Winamp). It is very convenient to read books to of Haali Reader . Still there is an interesting program, is called of Nevo . With its help your handheld can be turned into multimedia - the panel. By means of IRDA - port it can operate the TV, the audio system, sometimes even switches off some cars - alarm systems.

Now about office applications. For convenient movement according to folders and search of necessary files it is necessary to download of Resco File Explorer , it is much more convenient than a standard explorer. Standard Word can be replaced with TextMaker , it is fuller therefore also heavier office - a package. I do not advise to put if you do not edit Word documents on a PDA, to insert into the text of the image, the table and td. The standard notebook well copes with the functions therefore it can be not changed for something else, and here notes should be replaced with VS Notepad . I advise more specialized programs to look on the corresponding websites.

Finally the most interesting - the Internet! All of us began acquaintance to a world wide web with the browser therefore we establish the first it. The Opera browser is most convenient , but do not take me the word, try.

So, we played enough with the browser, it became boring for us. What to do? Correctly, to find that on whom it is possible to come off for this purpose ICQ - the manager of QIP PDA or IRC the client of wmIRC not bad will approach , we establish and we enjoy communication. Nevertheless, more convenient way of obtaining information are a reading news, for this purpose we use of NewsBreak RSS , we enter the favourite websites of news and we read. Convenience of work with a mailbox is not less important, for this purpose we establish of ProfiMail .

In this article I captured the most widespread programs. On open spaces of a world wide web you will find a great number of others, more useful to you, programs so do not despond if your PDA does not respond to your requests! Concerning search of programs address me.