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The healthy smekhoterapiya or How to make the life is more cheerful?

The husband Is online. Suddenly hears a vocal murmur of the wife: there is no

- no, darling, cannot today, let`s meet tomorrow.

Right there the husband runs in the room of the wife:

- You by phone spoke?! there is no

-. I read women`s magazine. Article is interesting, in it 50 phrases which should be read loudly aloud. For example, Darling, throw out, please, garbage When you, at last, beat a curtain ... And here it is said that the husband who is very occupied with the business will hear only told by half-whisper 51 - yu the phrase. And, look - do not lie . (It is found on Internet open spaces)

People are inclined to laugh, having noticed something amusing. And the laughter causes reaction of our body. All muscles at first clench, then relax. Breath and pulse for short term become frequent thanks to what blood is enriched with oxygen. And in a brain there is a decrease in sensitivity to pain. There endorphins - the substances destroying pain and bringing pleasure are produced. The healthy humour in our life is as necessary as air, the sun and water. Its influence on us the huge!

The laughter encourages our immune system, increasing activity of lymphocytes and other antibodies. Content of the immunoglobulin A struggling with diseases increases. Even research as a result of which it is established that immunoglobulin A is capable to be transferred to babies with maternal milk was conducted. That is why the cheerful feeding mothers and their happy children are less subject to catarrhal diseases.

Many doctors began to practice a smekhoterapiya in treatment of the most various diseases. They note that the laughter promotes the fastest recovery. Thanks to it sick people feel much better. Even at ideal health well perfected sense of humour promotes increase of a self-assessment of the person and improves mental health.

Laughter - also excellent assistant in overcoming of unpleasant and difficult vital circumstances. If the person is capable in a difficult situation to laugh at himself and the failures, then to it will carry more, than to other people. As a result he will be able to look at a situation with other eyes and will feel much better. And the most interesting that its problem will disappear much quicker, than if it went in cycles in its permission.

Also you should not worry that from laughter you will get several new wrinkles. Anyway, their emergence is inevitable. When you frown, wrinkles develop too. Let will be better cheerful wrinkles, than gloomy !

As to make life more cheerful and to perfect the sense of humour? Let`s try?

Be observant to the people surrounding you who make ridiculous acts. Only it is not necessary to sneer at their situation, and just to be able to see their unreasonable, sometimes, actions. Children and animals also often can give to us a reason to laugh. If you aim to find and see humour in everyday life, then, most likely, you will find it. It is truly told, who looks for - that will find .

At different people the most unusual things can be a laughing matter. Try to analyse the sense of humour. What are you most of all capable to be amused? For example, you watch comedy films, listen to yumorina, stare at caricatures in magazines. Perhaps, some specific person constantly punches you on laughter: its acts, statements, appearance. And happens that you ukhakhatyvatsya quietly over pranks of your own child or you giggle over harmless games of innocent kittens. Write down all these supervision, record, make the library of laughter.

you can cut out ridiculous pictures from magazines and paste them on doors of the refrigerator, a mirror in a bathroom, on a sleeping bedside table. Choose foregrounds in the apartment by which you pass not once during the day. It is possible to use in the same way short cheerful inscriptions or ridiculous quotes. Seeing often these things, you will have always high spirits.

it is Sometimes difficult for span to smile without small assistance. At such moments pull out the pleasant exhibit from the smekhoteka. The cheerful comedy film or the ridiculous book will quite fit. And, maybe, you will carry when viewing the cool rollers removed once by you on a video camera.

in the company of people you joke so that it brought good mood to all and united people. Do not assume that from your jokes people avoided. Moreover, do not go too far, telling the jokes which are treading on, for example, national corns of people. And that, eventually, you risk to remain one with the jokes.

you Joke where it is pertinent. What can seem to you ridiculous absolutely so will not seem to another. It is impossible to count that the humour is capable to resolve any dilemma. Sometimes it is necessary to be and serious. The inappropriate laughter can turn back also against you. Imagine the person hardly hiding the giggling at important business meeting or a funeral of the close relative. To look it, at least, it will be absolutely silly.

And the last. Even if you have at all no mood to have fun, make effort and look for an occasion to laugh. For example, you can begin to smile to yourself in front of the mirror. You will also not notice that you already hold a stomach, - so you will sort from laughter.

Make humour the best friend and the excellent weapon in any situation!