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Whether summer children can 4 - write verses? Nika Turbina`s history.

Why the Blind tired-out people crowded at doors

of Serious memory of my


Fire devoured tens of destinies,

But unless there was that, Who all evil will undertake


These verses were included into the collection Draft copy which was published in 1984 when the little poetess was 9 years old. The opening speech to this book was written by Yevgeny Yevtushenko. But about everything one after another.

Nika Georgiyevna Turbina was born on December 17, 1974 in Yalta. In 4 years she from - for asthmas did not sleep at night. Mother and the grandmother who were on duty at a bed began to notice what Nika tells verses. She asked them to write down. The girl said that as though other person speaks through her. Some considered that verses are written not by Nika, and someone adult, some saw in her spirit of some died poet

Through some time many verses collected. In the Yalta house of the grandfather Niki Anatoly Nikanorkin, famous Crimean writer, the writers coming from Moscow to rest gathered. Mother Nicki asked them to help to print daughter`s verses in the capital. Friends objected that the mentality at the child did not get stronger yet, and outlook already such gloomy But soon in the central editions Nika`s verses appear.

After the first collection of verses which was translated into 12 languages tours began worldwide. She stepped on the stage before huge halls, the small serious child reading serious verses. In 1985 in Venice Nika was handed a prestigious poetic award - Golden lion which to it from the Soviet poets awarded only Anna Akhmatova. To check whether a gold lion actually, Nika right there otkolotit to him paws - the lion was plaster.

After a while mother Nicki, Maya Anatolyevna, marries for the second time. Masha is born. In a family the conflicts begin, Nika is jealous of the little sister and requires attention. It is sent to study to Moscow. According to other version, Nika herself leaves the house. In 16 years Nika goes to study to Switzerland. Invited her 76 - summer Swiss professor who noticed the girl for a long time. Nika marries it, but with boredom begins to drink, and in 19 years comes back to Moscow. She did not act on public for a long time.

In 1994 to the Moscow institute of culture Nika was admitted without examinations. Conducted a course Alyona Galich, become her favourite teacher and the close girlfriend. Further it not once helped out Nika in different situations. But to disaccustom her to an addiction - binge - Alyona Galich could not. In the night of May 14, 1997 Nika Turbina rushed from a window of the fifth floor, having broken herself a backbone, both forearms and having hurt pelvic bones.

After this case Alyona Galich resolved to organize to Nika serious treatment. In the childhood when Nika was carried worldwide, the American doctors said that at such loading consultations of the psychologist are necessary for the child. But in the USSR it was considered as unnecessary luxury. When Galich could agree with the American clinic, mother unexpectedly took away Nika to Yalta. There it had attacks, there was also a visit of a psychiatric clinic Nick`s

did not like to live alone. Having returned to Moscow, she lived with Sasha, the actor of one of the Moscow theaters. It too many saws. On May 11, 2002 the girlfriend Inna had them on a visit. At some moment of Nick there was one, expecting return of friends. She sat on a window sill, having lowered legs. Speak, she fell incidentally and even called to the aid. But the second falling from the fifth floor was deadly.

Sasha disposed of cremation. In a final journey Nika who during lifetime was so afraid of loneliness was accompanied by Alyona Galich`s family and some people of a seedy look. That read the burial service over Nika, the militia gave written confirmation that her death was not suicide. Alyona Galich achieved that ashes of her schoolgirl were buried on the Vagankovo Cemetery.

Still wrote by Nick Turbin`s child:

Ya - a wormwood - a grass,

Bitterness on lips,

Bitterness in words,

Ya - a wormwood - a grass...

I over the steppe groan.

is surrounded with Wind,

Is thin a small stalk,

Is broken it...

Pain gave rise by

the Bitter tear.

To the earth will fall -

Ya - a wormwood - a grass